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Geek Squad Support - Agent makes mistake, two others either lied or are incompetent..HORRIBLE

I called 7/14/22 to request service on my refrigerator. Despite confirming the correct address, Agent Ramon created the service ticket to have the parts and service done at an older, incorrect address.

As soon as I saw the email confirmation with the wrong address, I called back and spoke with Agent Kevin to have the issue resolved. I was on the phone with him for over 45 minutes while he corrected the address on the ticket. The extra time on the phone was supposedly, because he was contacting other departments to make sure the part order (3 different parts ordered) were shipped to the correct address.


On 7/20/22, the day prior to my appointment, I called Geek Squad, because I had not received any parts. I spoke with Agent Ricardo who said he looked up the status and it showed the parts were shipped to the store, and that the technicians would bring the parts.


On 7/21/22, the local Geek Squad repairman (Troy) said the parts were delivered to the original, incorrect address. He then showed me the screen that showed the parts orders and respective UPS tracking numbers. The parts were delivered on 7/16/22, 7/17/22 and 7/18/22. 


So while I understand people make mistakes (although I am still not sure how that mistake was made when I had to explicitly confirm the address with Agent Ramon), I would have expected Kevin to have fixed the mistake by ensuring that the parts were delivered to the correct address, which he clearly did not. 


And either Ricardo does not know what he's doing or simply lied to me, since he would have been able to see that the 3 parts were delivered to the wrong address, not the store. 


I called Geek Squad again this morning (7/21/22) and asked to speak with a manager. After explaining to Agent Jennifer the issue, she said her manager was busy on another call and would call me back. I would think that after explaining how Geek Squad made 3 separate mistakes, causing me to have to wait yet another week for my refrigerator to be repaired, I would receive at least the courtesy to speak with a manager. I explained that I would be willing to stay on hold or speak to another manager, and I asked Jennifer again to relay the message that I am willing to hold. Jennifer came back to say there were no other managers available (they were all "on calls with other customers") and that her manager said for me to wait for a call back. That is absolutely the worst customer experience and customer service that I have every witnessed. I would really appreciate if someone could help point me where to file a formal complaint or ensure that an appropriate level of management can address such poor customer service.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Geek Squad Support - Agent makes mistake, two others either lied or are incompetent..HORRIBLE

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I’ll be happy to take a closer look into this matter and offer any additional assistance I can, however, I’m hoping you can provide me with a few pieces of additional information before I’m able to do so.  If you could use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me your full name, email address, and phone number.

This should be enough for me to begin my research, and hopefully get you the assistance you’re looking for.



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