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Geek Squad Service Agreement- buyer beware

March 12, 2019 - I purchased a 55" Vizio TV along with a 2 year Geek Squard Contract.

December 16, 2020 - The tv died.

December 17, 2020- Contacted Geek Squad as was told that someone one would come out on December 19th. Two hours later, I received a call advising that I COULD NOT GET MY TV SERVICED UNTIL JANUARY 4, 2021--2 1/2 WEEKS AFTER THE TV DIED. The reason-They were sending parts, not having inspected the TV to even see if it was repairable, and the parts would not be available until next week and with Christmas and New Years, January 4th was the earliest they coud come out. AGAIN, NOBODY LOOKED AT THE TV TO SEE IT WAS REPAIRABLE!

December 18th- I went to the Best Buy store in Blakney NC where I purchased the TV to see if someone would assist me. I worked with a gentleman who could not have been nicer, but basically said there was nothing that could be done. They had to follow procedures!! I offered to buy a new TV IMMEDIATELY at a 25% discount, getting me a TV, not causing them a loss (I assume their margin is at least 25%) and they could remove the old TV, fix it, if fixable, and do with it as they wished. All to no avail! Calls to the Geek Squard also were to no avail!

For me not to have my TV for 2 1/2 weeks is unconscionable! If the TV is not repairable after the remote determination that it is repairable would mean I would be without a TV for significantly longer, until I get a new TV.

Clearly, Best Buy is NOT interested in satifying a customer who is willing to offer an option to being without a TV for 21/2 weeks. True, they would not make their margin on a new TV with the 25% off discount I proposed, but I would have been a SATISFIED CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. Now, I am just a disgruntled customer.

Give me a reason why I should ever buy from Best Buy again?









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Re: Geek Squad Service Agreement- buyer beware

Hello, BDG,


Thank you for visiting our online community. There is never an ideal time for any electronics to fail, although it is a relief to know the device is covered by Geek Squad Protection (GSP). Our goal is to repair the television as soon as possible, as we realize this is something you’re anxious to have resolved. In some cases, parts may be ordered ahead of time, in effort to avoid our customers from waiting longer than necessary, or possibly having multiple repair appointments. Based on your description, that may have been the intent, although this should have been explained more thoroughly.  


While your suggestion to purchase a new unit at a discount is appreciated, we would need to work within the Terms agreed to at the time of purchase, which would include attempting to repair the device. You mentioned a repair appointment has been scheduled for Jan. 4, where we hope to have the issue resolved. If you need further support, you’re welcomed to send a Private Message. We would be happy to review the repair order.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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