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Geek Squad Scam

I ordered a laptop on February 21st. It was an open box laptop in excellent certified condition. I had a few minor issues with it, so I wanted it to get checked out just in case before my warranty with Best Buy ended. Geek Squad sent in my laptop to to the service center in Brooks, Kentucky two days ago. Today, I received a text from Best Buy stating that they had received it at the service center, and then a couple hours later I received a text from Best Buy stating that I qualify for a replacement and to make an appointment with them. When I got there today, I was given store credit. The laptop is no longer the price I got it for just a few weeks ago, so the store credit is useless. I talked to them about this in person at Best Buy and nobody helped me. They were dismissing every valid point I made and not addressing anything. They even lied and said that someone had called me today and received my confirmation to "junk out" the laptop. I never received any call. I never spoke to anybody. If I was given the choice, I would have kept my laptop. And then they went back on that lie and said that I have no choice and they could do whatever they want with my laptop after it's sent in. Nobody even told me what was wrong with it, if anything. I never received any information. Now I'm just left without a laptop. I simply want the laptop that I purchased back. I don't want this store credit. I want my laptop back. I have spoken with numerous people and nobody has helped me out. I've been on the phone with multiple people, talked to the people in the store, and nothing.

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Re: Geek Squad Scam

Hello, Ashouraita, 


Thanks for reaching out on the Forums' Community. Although I've never experience something like this, I can certainly see why you'd be upset with the interaction you've describing. Allow me to see what's possible. Please send a private message, blue button, near my name and provide the following: 


Full name


Phone number


Here to assist, 


Jakoma|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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