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Geek Squad / Samsung Consumer Hell

  1.     Samsung Compact Dryer makes a loud squeaking noise. It’s only 15 months old. Out of the 1 year warranty with Samsung, but we have a 5 year Geek Squad Protection Plan.
  2.     Geek Squad makes an afternoon appointment with their contracted appliance repair company (AE Factory Service) but does not sent them my cell phone number for texting like I requested. All texts go to our landline. Appliance company does not show up.
  3.     Geek Squad gives me the 800 number for the appliance company, automated system only. Can’t talk to a person. I make another appointment. I try to add my cell phone number because they text updates, but I need the link from a confirmation text to go to their website and change my contact information!
  4.     Appliance person spends 2 minutes listening to our dryer and charges $153. He says we need a new belt Idler and that JACS, the manufacturer for Samsung no long makes the part.
  5.     Another call to the Geek Squad 800 number, which typically takes 20 minutes on hold plus another 5 minutes to give the particulars to a new phone agent. She says we have to call Samsung and get a return authorization number. They cannot contact Samsung—I have to be in the middle and do it.
  6.     Agent at Samsung says they have to have a certified Samsung appliance company come out to look at the dryer to be sure it cannot be repaired. They contact a local company and give them my information.
  7.     Certified appliance company contacts me by text and says he does not answer his phone—don’t bother to call him. He will charge a minimum of $95 to come out and look at the dryer. He says I have to pay it since the dryer is beyond the 1 year Samsung warranty.
  8.     Another call to Samsung. They tell me that I have to pay $95+. Too bad. I ask for a number for the Samsung parts department to see if I can find a compatible part for the belt idler. Agent gives me a phone number.
  9.     Another call to Samsung to ask to speak to their parts department, but the number is just a general Samsung customer number starting over again with another Samsung agent. This agent is helpful, but will not give me a direct number for the Samsung parts department, if there even is one. She says Geek Squad needs to communicate to Samsung that I have a warranty and that they will pay for the certified Samsung appliance technician to look at my washer. She says she will contact the Geek Squad. The first breakthrough in this communication deadlock!
  10. I receive a text from the Samsung agent #3 that she has contacted the Geek Squad. They call me. The Geek Squad agent really doesn’t know what to do. She says she will try to get the initial report from AE Factory Service and show it to a supervisor. I offer to email her our receipt that claims there is no replacement part for the belt idler. The phone becomes disconnected.
  11.   I text back Samsung agent number #3 and get the name of the Samsung official parts supplier, J&J International, along with their phone number.
  12.   Finally after over two weeks, some success. The Samsung agent #3 has contacted the Geek Squad and they have escalated my case. I now have talked to a Geek Squad executive who will solve my problem and she gave me her personal phone number.
  13.   And, right after the call with the Geek Squad executive, I also contact J&J International and find out there is a Belt Idler replacement part available for my compact Samsung dryer, $65 + shipping.
  14.   Email from the Geek Squad offering to replace my dryer. The replacement will fulfill the Geek Squad warranty and I will have to pay for a new 5 year warranty, if I want one.
  15.   I contact the Geek Squad executive. She says that they cannot get the belt idler part unless it comes from their own parts supplier. AE Factory Service cannot order it from J&J International, and I can’t order it myself, pay for it, and have AE Factory Service install it. She says not to worry, my dryer will be recycled responsibly!!! And the Best Buy website claims that they pride themselves in environmental sustainability? Disposal rather than repair is a huge social and environmental concern in consumer retailing; I don’t think the Geek Squad/Best Buy is responding appropriately to this issue.
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Re: Geek Squad / Samsung Consumer Hell

Hello, Zaylyn,


Thank you for visiting our online community. There are few things more annoying than a loud appliance, so I understand why you’d want to have this remedied, as soon as possible. While the manufacturer is often involved during the period they cover the appliance, if the Warranty had expired, having Geek Squad Protection (GSP) should provide some peace of mind. Based on your description of events, this was not as smooth of a process as we would have expected, and I sincerely appreciate you sharing your feedback.


Under GSP, there are certain processes that must be followed, including how and where replacement parts are sourced. In some cases, a replacement or fulfillment of the GSP may be the outcome. It sounds like that was the ultimate determination, although I understand that was not what you may have hoped for. Best Buy does take great pride in responsibly recycling appliances and electronics. Please be assured, that will be no different when your old dryer is removed.


If you are interested in having your feedback formally documented, I invite you to please send a Private Message. We are extremely interested in the feedback we receive from our customers, as we are continuously evolving, in effort to provide the best possible service. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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