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Geek Squad SUPPORT for GE Dishwasher? total FAIL, waste of time, RIPOFF? Probably.

It's 2/13/22. I have called at least 6-7 times since 1/30 when my dishwasher died again. 


Had GE dishwasher system board replaced last year. Again on Monday 2/7/22.  Same issues with dishwasher. Tech back out on Friday 2/11/22.  Replaced UI board.  Same issue on 2/12.  Called Geek Squad support...thanks for being a Total Tech member. What can we help you with?  No one can see any previous notes or calls.  Set up ANOTHER appt for this Friday 2/18/22. 


I was told to call the Geek Squad Special Forces at 877-659-5071.  Called them today 2/13/22 - they said I had to call Geek Squad... they said I had no appointment, that they were only claims.  They said they could not make a repair appointment but someone would call me back (someone on call 3 said that, no one called, not falling for that again.)


Apparently special forces connects you to someone who can only say NO to any repair or replacement. She told me since the same part has only been replaced 2 times, and a different part was replaced the last time (for the same issue) it doesnt count.  But then, she could not even see any of my information or previous calls.  


I called the other tech support line AGAIN, started ALL OVER with who are you, what's your issue, etc.  They finally found my warranty, said someone is supposed to come out Friday 2/18.  I am a single dad who does NOT have time for this.


REALLY best buy?  IS THERE ANYONE THERE WHO CARES OR IS WILLING TO HELP JUST HONOR THE SERVICE CONTRACT I PURCHSASED?  I would have bought a new dishwasher and had it installed already if I knew you were going to act like a crapy home warranty company.

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Re: Geek Squad SUPPORT for GE Dishwasher? total FAIL, waste of time, RIPOFF? Probably.

Hi there, jokal, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums page, although I wish it were under better circumstances. Buying a new appliance is meant to be a fulfilling and smooth experience.


I'd love to take a closer look at this with you. To do so, can you please send us a private message verifying your full name, email, and phone number? 


Thank you for your patience here.


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