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Geek Squad Ruins my iPhone

I had an issue with my wife’s iPhone screen. I called Apple and they tell me to take into an Apple Store or to a certified/authorized repair shop. They tell me I could take it to Best Buy in Dover Delaware.

So I had an appointment today at 1020. I drop off the phone. It had NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE with the exception of the pixels in the screen failing. The guy tells me it’s going to be awhile because he doesn’t have anyone to fix it. I ask him how long and he tells me about an hour and a half, normally. He tells me his repair guy won’t be in until 11am and the phone should be ready at 1 pm.

So I leave and drive home (35 mins) away.. Around 1pm I check the website but it says that it’s checked in and hasn’t been started yet. I drive to the Best Buy because he told me it would be ready. I get there and I have to wait 30 mins for the original dude that checked me in originally to say, “We couldn’t fix your phone so we are going to replace it.” I am like, okay... fine.

So I’m waiting around another 30 mins for another guy to come out and say, I couldn’t fix your phone because a security screw was stripped. I say what security screw??? He shows me the bottom of the phone and the screw is stripped to hell!!! I ask the guy how did that happen??? He tells me maybe you dropped it. Really??? It’s been in a case since we bought it.

The phone had no physical damage when I dropped it off to Best Buy...He shows me the phone and I say What the heck is this??? This can’t happen from dropping a phone. It’s freaking stripped!!! He acted very coy with me and plays like he has no idea how one screw gets stripped... As if I am willing to void a warranty on a 1500 phone!!! Then he tells me Apple probably won’t cover it. What?? Why am I getting two different stories?? I call Apple they said they had no idea that the phone had a stripped screw. They want me to drop to an Apple Store that is an hour and a half away. Let me tell you something, I don’t appreciate your tech basically questioning my integrity and act like I did something to a 1500 phone to void the warranty. It’s pretty outrageous. Why would I strip one screw?

Something needs to be done about it.

Then he tells me to keep my find my iPhone off. Doesn’t tell me
Why. Super sketchy. He acted weird about it... I got two different stories. Come on. This is unacceptable.