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Geek Squad Review - "Poor" - first time ever

Since the Geek Squad doesn’t give you the opportunity to do a review, I thought I’d post this on the forum:


On July 18th, I called the Geek Squad because my newly installed Outlook (Microsoft 365) on my laptop didn’t provide me with access to my iCloud contacts when I was creating a new email or copying a contact on an existing email.


After an hour or so, I was told that it was probably an iCloud problem and to call Apple.  After calling Apple, I found that there wasn’t anything wrong with iCloud. Apple Support mentioned that Microsoft had documented an approach for addressing a Contacts problem.


I went on the Internet and found Microsoft’s “solution” which turned out to be a work-around.


Importing contacts from iCloud (vCard .vcf file) to Outlook begins by creating the “.vcf” file using Contacts on, then using Windows File Explorer to import and open it. After parsing through each Contact in the “.vcf” file, you close it and export it to a “.csv” file.


After that you, open Outlook and import the file as a “.csv” and when complete, you’re done. That’s the short version of it. You then can the check the contacts within Outlook to verify them. 


It’s not the same as getting the contacts directly from iCloud via the drop-down in Outlook since they now reside on the computer but it works and it’s an option that the Geek squad failed to complete.


They also did not clean up after they were done. I found a “.vcf” file in my Downloads folder showing me that they were perhaps one-third of the way completed and quit! My Contacts also contained a triplicated entry from their failed attempts.  No big deal but that should have been removed.


Up until this experience, I’ve always had nothing but praises for the Geek Squad.  This is my first “Poor” review!

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Re: Geek Squad Review - "Poor" - first time ever

Hello, turbocharged4li,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here on our community forums and letting us know about your experience with the Geek Squad. Having set up my fair share of computers, I know that transferring contacts can sometimes be a bit more complicated than needed.


Our team is generally unable to provide assistance with Geek Squad services. Did you visit a local store or get assistance remotely? I would recommend reaching out to your local store or following up with our remote support Agents to get further assistance as well as provide your feedback directly.


Please let us know if we can be of any assistance with other matters, we're happy to help as much as possible!

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Re: Geek Squad Review - "Poor" - first time ever

I used remote support. I always have, since it is convenient. The initial agent couldn’t fix the problem, so he transferred me to a more experienced agent who ultimately gave up and tried to pass it off to Apple.