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Geek Squad Protection Plan Scam

I have 2 Samsung phones that each need screen repair.

I called the customer support number and visited my local store only to find out from both that no Geek Squad location in Georgia can repair screens for my phones.

Screen repair costs $59, and complete phone replacement would be $200. Since BB/GS don't offer screen repair in my state, they want to rake me over the coals and charge $200/phone.

I have been paying for the protection plan for 2 years, and this is a TOTAL SCAM.

I also recently had another phone replaced because the digutizer was shot. They sent a new phone, but it is clearly refurbished and barely gets a signal compared to the exact same phone I previously had.

At the very least I would expect BB/GS to honor the screen repair pricing if they fail to offer that service in my state. I'll never buy another item at BestBuy at this rate.
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Re: Geek Squad Protection Plan Scam

Hello, Jkfriday,


Ensuring your cell phone is protected for those what-if moments is very important. A Geek Squad Protection Plan is a great option for that protection. We’re sorry to hear that you don’t feel the same way. Thank you for joining our community to share your experience with us.


Select Best Buy locations are authorized to work on Samsung devices in-store and the number of locations we have that can do that kind of work are growing. We’re sorry to hear that your local Best Buy isn't a Samsung Care Authorized Service Provider and filing a claim was the only available to you, under your Geek Squad Protection Plan terms. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your feedback with us regarding the options you were provided. Please give our Geek Squad support teams a call at (800) 433-5778, if you feel like the device you received may be faulty. They’d be best positioned to continue to assist you further.



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Re: Geek Squad Protection Plan Scam

This isn't a matter of having different feelings about the policy. The protection plan is flat out deceitful.

There isn't a single store in my state that offers the repair I need. That's not honest or anywhere close to "select stores" providing the service.

I will be contacting the BBB and Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs if this is not rectified immediately.
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Re: Geek Squad Protection Plan Scam

With apologies for the frustration you are seeing, I just want to chime in and add a little clarification to the official answer Mariah-BBY provided.  These programs, Geek Squad Protection (which you purchased) and the Samsung Authorized Service Provider (available in select locations) are completely separate from one another.  Mariah linked the terms and conditions for the Geek Squad Plan you purchased, this includes a table containing all service fees and deductibles associated with warranty work:  


The Samsung Authorized Service Provider program is not guaranteed within the Geek Squad Protection Plan you purchased as it is in a limited roll-out.  Work performed like this is essentially Geek Squad Associates acting on behalf of Samsung, your phone manufacturer.  We also have the same thing for Apple devices, also in a limited number of stores.  Due to the additional training needed to replace screens in store, as well as the necessary hardware to perform these repairs to the manufacturer's specifications, these services are not available everywhere.  As I stated before, these services are not guaranteed in your Geek Squad Protection Plan.



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Re: Geek Squad Protection Plan Scam

Having a screen repaired is the most basic reason to buy the protection plan. I could understand having limited stores with that capability, but the service is not available at a single store in the entire state.

I won't be making another purchase at Best Buy. They are selling a product that they know is unavailable to customers in the state of Georgia.

Hiding behind explanations that select locations have the service is dishonest and disrespectful to their customers.
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Re: Geek Squad Protection Plan Scam

I have the same problem. They sell you the protection and tell you how great it is and fail to mention that there are limited stores that do the repairs. I have sprint and if I would of taken their insurance, screen repair cost 30 dollars and authorized repair stores are everywhere.