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Geek Squad Protection Plan Cancellation without Consent

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On 11/16/15 I purchased a 25.6 cu ft Samsung French Door Refrigerator along with a 5 Year GSP plan.  

In March 2018, my refrigerator began making a loud rattling noise that corresponded with the fan running and water was pooling under the bottom draw of the interior fridge.  I placed a call to Geek Squad to initiate a repair.  The representative had parts shipped to the home and on 3/29/18 I had my refrigerator "repaired" by Geek Squad Employee Reden {removed per forum guidelines} Badge #{removed per forum guidelines}.  During this repair the water leakage kit, the defrost circuit components, and the refrigerator section fan assembly were all replaced.  On 4/6/2018, Reden returned to my home and replaced the ice maker and AUGER motor clips as an extra precaution.  My refrigerator began having the same rattling noise and water pooling issue shortly after this appointment.  On 4/19/2018, I placed another call to Geek Squad, reported the same issue, and was given an appointment of 5/1/2018.  During the appointment, Geek Squad Employee Peter S came and inspected the refrigerator and ordered an evaporator fan and leak kit.  He then rescheduled me for a later date so the parts could be delivered.  On 5/15/18, Agent Reden D. returned to my home and performed the same repair using the parts ordered from the appointment on 5/1/2018.  Shortly after this appointment and "repair", the refrigerator began having the same issue.  On 5/21/2018, I called Geek Squad to report the same issue and once again request for a repair.  On 5/29/2018, Agent Reden D returned to my home again.  During this time, he ordered another water leakage kit, defrost circuit components, and refrigerator section fan assembly.  He also scheduled another appointment to return after equipment delivery and perform the same repair once again.  On 6/6/2018, Agent Reden returned to my home and performed the same repair on my refrigerator.  During this time, I spoke with him about my options as a customer.  He told me that through my plan, I could either continue to fix the fridge or it could be considered a "lemon" and Best Buy would replace the unit.  Shortly after the "repair", my fridge began exhibiting the same issue (rattling fan noise and water leakage beneath the bottom interior drawer).  On 7/26/2018, I called Geek Squad again the report the issue.  I spoke with an agent named Kevin C and an appointment was scheduled.  Shortly after our conversation (about 20 minutes), Kevin calls me back and leaves a voicemail stating my protection plan is no longer active and had been canceled.  I call Geek Squad to find out what happened and was told my plan had been canceled by the agent who had come to my home.  They reported the plan had been canceled on 5/18/2018 due to a limit of $750 being exceeded in repairs (now totaling over $1100).  I was told that I had been issued a prorated amount for the remainder of my plan.  When I told the representative that I was never given a refund since I no longer had the Best Buy account nor the debit card used in the transaction, he informed me to try and contact Citi Bank and the other bank that held my debit card to try and track it down.  Frustrated, I was transferred to the department in charge of the protection plans and was told there was nothing that could be done since it had been canceled by the field agent.  I was then transferred back to Geek Squad where I explained my situation again.  I was placed on hold and was told that an appointment could be made since I fell within the 90 day repair warranty limit.  I agreed to have another repair performed and a date was scheduled.  I was also told that the agent that had canceled my plan would be returning to my home for that appointment.  On 8/2/2018, I receive a phone call from Reden stating he will be arriving at my home between 8-10AM.  Shortly after, I receive another phone call and voicemail from Reden stating my plan had been canceled and if he comes he will need to take a cash payment.  I return his phone call and question him about my plan being canceled.  He stated as a field agent that he does not have the power to cancel plans, only to order parts. He denied being the agent at my home on 5/15/2018 and stated "maybe you are confused with me and Peter since we are both asian".  I also asked him about Best Buy's protection policy regarding an appliance that was unable to be repaired despite having the same problem and it being deemed a lemon.  He completely denied the entire conversation that took place on 6/6/2018.  I asked him to speak to his supervisor Steven (whose name I was given during the conversation with Geek Squad on 7/26/2018).  He said that he would call him and call me back to see what could be done.  

Overall, I am in utter disbelief about the treatment from Best Buy regarding their protection plan.  Upon further examination into Best Buy's GSP that I purchased I found that there is indeed a no lemon policy in which if the same repair is performed twice and there is no remedy, Best Buy will replace the unit.  As a customer, I feel that I was taken advantage of and left in the dark.  I was never informed of my plan reaching its limit and being canceled and I was never offered a replacement refrigerator.  The fact that I was in contact with this company twice after my plan had been canceled and no representative had informed me until the call in July is extremely disappointing. It seems like its more of a tactic to avoid replacing a unit by letting the plan exceed its coverage limits (by just attempting to fix the same problem repeatedly, even beyond the Best Buy two repair lemon policy) and canceling it without the customer's knowledge.  

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Re: Geek Squad Protection Plan Cancellation without Consent

Hello AnneChapman31,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for my delayed response. We’ve been extremely busy recently, and it is taking longer than we’d like to get back to everyone. 

I’m happy to see that, in the meantime, you were able to reach out to us on Facebook for assistance, and that Kenny was able to help you out. I also see that you’ve sent him a follow-up question there that he hasn’t been able to respond to just yet. 

I’ll check into that, and send you a message on Facebook shortly with an answer. 


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