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Geek Squad Not

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   I went to Best Buy this afternoon at about 3pm  to have a bettery installed in my iphone 6s. When I got to the service area i stood in line for  about 5 minutes. Then a Best Buy employee asked me if I had an appointment for the Geek Squad. I said do I need one to drop off the phone. She said yes follow me. I proceeded to another area where she took my info,then asked me what service I needed. I told her i wanted to have the battery replaced in my phone. "No problem " she said ,we do that.I made an appointment  for 5pm which was the earliest appointment. I came back at 5pm headed for the Geek Squad area.After a few minutes i was asked if I needed help, told the employee I wanted to have a battery installed in my iphone. He turned to another employee an asked him if he knew how to do that, employee Evan said no, he then turned to another Geek Squad employee and ask him if he knew how to install abattery. That employee said no. He proceeded to tell me that I would have to make another appointment or I could pick it up tomorrow. I said fine I would pick it up tomorrow. He asked for the phone I gave it to him and I told him it was dead. He said, we cant install the battery in a dead phone per Apple policy. I said can I see that policy. He didnt respond. Then I asked why they didnt tell me that when I made the appointment 2 hours ago.Then another employee came out Ternise {removed per forum guidelines}, she said she was the manager. And what was the problem. I told her what had happened,and she looked at my phone and tried to turn it on . I said all I want is a battery replaced. Why would you have me make an appointment at 5PM if there wasn't going to be a person that was able to do the install.And why would you make me come back without getting some information about my phone. The store manager Kim {removed per forum guidelines} was not around . I asked for her several times but never received an answer. I think that your system stinks.I wasted 3 hours of my time and my problem was not rectified.You should train your employees to obtain more info before making an appointment that cant be kept.I will never do business  with Best Buy again.


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Re: Geek Squad Not

Hi LR6,


Welcome to our forums.  My apologies for the delay in our reply to your post, as our Support Forums have become a bit backlogged over the past few days.  While we work to reply to our customers as soon as we can, your patience is greatly appreciated.


I’m discouraged to hear your recent appointment with your local Geek Squad ended so poorly, and you were unable to get the battery replacement for your iPhone as you might have expected.  While we hope all our Geek Squad agents will ask our customers probing questions to make sure we’re meeting their needs before helping them schedule an appointment, I’m sorry to hear that wasn’t the case during your recent visit.


If you’re still in need of service for your iPhone, feel free to follow this link to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider near you, and I’m optimistic they’ll be able to replace your iPhone battery soon.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Geek Squad Not

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I am not in need of your service. I went to Staples and had it replaced by competent people. I emailed the manager of the store  in North Haven  Ct.   Kim {removed per forum guidelines}  and never received a response from her. That's real customer relations for Best Buy. Thats how you run your stores , I dont want any part of it. And be assured I will pass this on as many times as I can.



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Re: Geek Squad Not

Hi again LR6,

Sean isn’t available just now, so I’ll be hopping in to assist you.

While I’m happy to hear that you were able to get your phone repaired, I apologize that you haven’t yet heard back from Kim. We do our best to get back to everyone that reaches out to us. Sometimes emails will get misdirected, and sometimes our employees are out of the office for vacation or other reasons, so on occasion we are unable to properly reply.

If you’d like, I can re-forward your email to Kim, to make sure she gets it. I’d just need you to send it to me in a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post. Please be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number in your message.


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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