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Geek Squad Issue

Good day,


I am posting here in an attempt to get a resolution and refund from Best Buy.


Two days ago, my husband and I made our first attempt at using the Geek Squad for help (remote). The issue was that we can only access internet on our laptop through using an ethernet cable. In attempting to connect to our WiFi network without the ethernet cable, we have only been receiving the "No internet, secure" message for months.


We therefore paid the $39.99 fee plus tax. After the Geek Squad's first attempt to resolve this issue, we realized that the issue was unresolved.  The following day, we contacted the Geek Squad again. They offered to make a second attempt at fixing the problem, which we allowed them to do. However, after this attempt, the issue was still unresolved. On top of it all, when we do access our internet now with an ethernet cable, the formatting on Internet pages is distorted at times.


Therefore, I have made multiple attempts today at trying to reach someone on the phone by calling the number provided to me by the remote Geek Squad team in order to request a refund. After my first phone call, I was transferred, but got disconnected before anyone got back on the line. During my second phone call, a member said she could help me, but upon putting me on hold, I ended up getting transferred to yet another team member. This man attempted to transfer me to a different department, but I got cut off again before reaching anyone. If this issue had been easier to resolve or if it was easier to get a refund, we would have considered using the Geek Squad again in the future, but seeking to get help or request a refund has been an extremely difficult process.


I would still like to request a refund since we did not receive the service we requested.


Thank you.

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Re: Geek Squad Issue

Resolving wifi issues remotely is close to impossible. Maybe we can give some tips here if you told us some information about your situation thou.

What version of windows or mac os are you using.
How old is the laptop
How old is the wireless router
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Re: Geek Squad Issue

Hey, kjm2, 


Thank you for reaching out, and welcome to the Best Buy Forums! I am sorry to hear that you're having difficulties connecting to your Wi-Fi. Now more than ever, Wi-Fi is seeming like a necessity, and I can imagine this has been a frustrating experience.


It sounds like the Geek Squad has been unable to help out thus far. Service fees are generally not able to be refunded, instead, we would normally continue to help to resolve the issue. Please give the Geek Squad a call at (800) 433-5778 and they should be able to continue to help out here.



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