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Geek Squad - Food Spoilage Claim

We had our refrigerator service a few days before Christmas and lost a number of food items due to spoilage.  I was informed by Geek Squad that there was coverage for food spoilage and they provided me the form which I submitted on 12/23/22.  I inquired about it in Febuary 2023 and they asked me to resubmit it.  They suggested me to go to my local best buy store in Manchester, CT and speak with a manager.  They told me I had to call another toll free number and have been trying to get a response and haven't been able to.  I again inquired about on Friday 3/10/23 and they told me i would receive an email within 24 hours.  I am still waiting for sometype of response and confirmation.  It appears that others on this forum have had similar issues.  Please get back to me as soon as possible.  

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Re: Geek Squad - Food Spoilage Claim

Hello, Victorjpina, 


I have responded to you privately as well. I know not having Food Spoilage Claim resolved quickly and getting run around is upsetting. Continue to respond to privately so that I can help resolved this matter. 


Here to help, 


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