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Geek Squad Dryer Ex. Warranty is absolute nightmare


I have to say when I purchased my Samsung washer and dryer a couple years back I thought I was making the best financial decision ever to also purchase the extended warranty plan with it. And I have to say I would rather buy a beat up dryer off of Craigslist from someone that could potentially be a stalker and whatever else, than EVER have to go through the same thing this last two weeks dealing with Geek Squad ever again.

February 7th I called Geek Squad explained to them my dryer has no heat whatsoever they say we would love to get that taken care of for you soonest appointment we have available is February 12th, So you're going to have to wait a week but we will ship the heating element in the meantime. I'm thinking okay well fine definitely sucks to go a whole week without a dryer and six people in my household, but it is what it is.

February 12th repair guy shows up he is in my house for a maximum of 13 minutes no exaggeration says the dryer has to run for an hour so the chemicals can burn off of the coils after that it's fine to use. Obviously I'm very excited to wash laundry for six people that has accumulated for a week. I throw my first load in and check it 20 minutes later and there's literally no heat! So I text my repair guy,no response. I call Geek Squad again and they say oh no we're really sorry to hear that we'll have to get another appointment scheduled to take a look at it, the soonest available appointment we have IS TEN DAYS from now. Well obviously that Set me off, but not as much as the Representative telling me that there's literally NOBODY there in a higher position than her when I asked to speak to her manager. In an effort to regain composure I hung up. I called back the next day and I spoke with a guy who seemed very interested in helping resolve the situation. He put me on hold and after 10 minutes came back and said I have you an appointment with special forces! Your appointment is going to be Wednesday February 17th between 8 and 5. YAY 4 days instead of 10! Which brings me to today, Wednesday February 17th. So here I am super excited until I realize you know what it's 4:00pm and I haven't heard anything from a repair person. Yesterday I got a text at 4:33pm saying reminder you have an appointment tomorrow, this morning I got a phone call saying reminder you have an appointment today, I click the link in my text message and it takes me to the Best Buy site and it says you have an appointment scheduled today Wednesday February 17th between 8 and 5. so I'm thinking alright let me try calling them. I call and the rep says it says here in our system that you have an appointment today February 17th but it doesn't say anything else let's try to contact the repair provider. So she adds them to the line and they say no your appointment is February 19th,  we don't have any information about a February 17th appointment. You'll have to take that up with Geek Squad, BUT WHAT DO YOU KNOW, THE GEEK SQUAD REP LEFT THE CALL! So i call Geek Squad back, they say well, they're the service provider so you have to handle that with them. This is what I took an entire day off work for to have nobody show up and to be told that my appointment is actually two more days away? I spent over three hours on phone calls since i made my first appointment. Liike is this what I paid hundreds of extra dollars for an extended warranty for? to have to wait a week or more to get service and then when I get service it not actually be fixed and then have to wait all over again for somebody else to come out but then get told that your appointment that was confirmed with you four different ways actually isn't your real appointment date it's a different day and if you have an issue with it you actually have to take it up with somebody else but then somebody else tells you that you have to take it up with the first person?

I Don't really give a crap who I have to handle it with all I know is I paid a lot of extra money for this warranty the guy who came out to do with the first time send 12 minutes in my house and left and within an hour and 45 minutes from the moment he got here I was back on the phone with you guys because their repair didn't repair and then I'm told I have to wait another 10 days but then when the next person gets me a sooner appointment, but still get screwed and told no actually your appointment isn't today even though you have 4 other methods of communication validating your appointment for today you have to wait two more days. And even then it's unknown whether they're going to fix the issue on that date or if you're going to have to wait longer. I have six people in my house I haven't been able to dry laundry in over 2 weeks and you guys are literally doing nothing but continuously putting the burden back on the customers shoulders you take no accountability for anything I understand having to wait the first week for that first appointment but when I called you guys 1hr 45 minutes after that rep left my house and said hey the problem isn't fixed I should have been treated as a priority that rep should have came back out here that day or the following I never should have been told I would have to wait 10 more days! And to add insult to injury to the whole thing this dryer has been no better than a standard basic dryer since the very beginning. The thing definitely needs new schematics as far as the moisture detection goes the refresh and the steam Cycles literally run for like 2 minutes it could be a whole load it doesn't matter and unless Eco-Drive means half dry so moist it's worthless as well. But here I am no complaints of my dryer I just sucked it up dealt with it didn't use those features two years later all I want is for the darn thing to produce heat and I can't even get you guys to make that happen within a sufficient time frame so I've basically determined that I paid you a bunch of extra money for you to tell me I really do apologize the only thing we can do is schedule you for an appointment and make you wait even longer. Somebody from some Department I don't care who it is from some area under the entire Best Buy umbrella needs to provide sufficient resolution or I am going to file a complaint with every possible organization and government agency there is
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Re: Geek Squad Dryer Ex. Warranty is absolute nightmare

Hello, Nrr82787, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for posting on our forum for support, although I hate to hear about the issues you've experience with your dryer and repair to the unit. This is an important appliance to have working, and I can imagine with six people in your home that not having a functioning dryer would be a huge inconvenience. Not to mention the time and energy you've dedicated to phone calls and taking a day off work for your appointment. I'm sorry you're still experiencing issues with the unit and have not received the help you've been searching for. I'm hoping I can assist now.

To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

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