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Geek Squad Didn't Even Fix the Problem???

Geek Squad took my computer in for repairs, told me it would be $150, charged $200, then another $100 to upgrade my hard drive to an ssd. After all this, the original problem of extremely high cpu usage on idle never got fixed, and now I need to either send it in again, or just give up. Now that I'm angry enough to go to a dead forum with no saving grace, a bot is probably going to say sorry blah blah blah we know you love your laptop blah blah blah contact us here at blah blah blah.
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Re: Geek Squad Didn't Even Fix the Problem???

This forum doesn’t use bots, but the moderators will ask for your details via private message so they can look into your situation. It may take a few days, they work on a first come first serve basis. I’m not quite sure why you mentioned this forum as being dead, it’s quite active and there are people who are ahead of you which will slow their reply.
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Re: Geek Squad Didn't Even Fix the Problem???

What is running in task manager that is using the CPU at idle?
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Re: Geek Squad Didn't Even Fix the Problem???

Welcome, NateG4902,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our community forums. As a student who relies on a computer, I know that any sort of problems have a major impact so I can understand your frustration to see this original issue still persisting.

Based on your message, it sounds like this laptop has previously been sent to our service center. Is that correct? Generally, your local Geek Squad would be able to best advise you on what options are available moving forward. Are there any questions or concerns I can assist you with? Please let me know, I would be happy to see how I can best assist you.

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