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Geek Squad Customer Service nd Chat

Where do I go from here? On Thursday 13th May I went to Geek Squad at the Best Buy store on Hotel Circle, Albuquerque; My phone had a cracked screen and I was subsequently told I needed to get a replacement. This was covered on my policy, and the team member told me that my new phone would arrive maybe Friday but Saturday (i.e. today) at the very latest. Those were his exact words. When I got an email this morning stating that my phone would not arrive until Monday, I logged into my account via my computer (phone is completely useless) and went onto chat where, in between being cut off and transferred, I spoke to five different people. After an hour, I eventually got an answer that if I go to the store they would be able to help me. I double checked this and took a screenshot also. When I got to the store, they were unable to help me with the Geek Squad manager telling me that the employee had given me wrong information and the customer service chat agents regularly tell people to just go to the store so they don't have to deal with the issues. He also told me that there was no log of the chats which I find ridiculous. So basically, between a Geek Squad team member, and five customer service agents, I had been given incorrect information more than once as well as wasting some three hours of my Saturday. In addition to this, I rescheduled my workload from today to to tomorrow as my phone and three apps are essential for me to work. Being unable to work tomorrow now reflects on my reliability towards customers and cost me at least a couple of hundred dollars. I have a family to take care of, bills to pay, and now a replacement that I had phone to pay $215 for. I feel that this is completely unsatisfactory and certainly does not meet the five star service that organizations like yours adhere to. When I double checked with your customer service agent that the store would be able to replace my phone, Your customer service agent stated: "Yes, absolutely they will help you. We need nothing but your satisfaction about the service." Well, I'm sorry Best Buy and Geek Squad, you didn't provide it. I will say that Chris, the manager at Geek Squad, did do his best and was sympathetic to my frustrations, but his hands were tied and he really had no influence on my complaint apart from, maybe, a training issue that he said he would deal with; he tried very hard for me. I have always liked Best Buy, I am an elite member, and find the staff very knowledgeable, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I feel that my loss of earnings, which could have been limited somewhat, is the result of a serious flaw in Best Buy / Geek Squad's customer service policy and communication between relevant departments, and I feel that some recompense would be appropriate. So I am reaching out to you asking for help and for some advice where to go from here. Thank You.

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Re: Geek Squad Customer Service nd Chat

Good afternoon, britinabq,


Thank you for taking the time to visit us here on our community forums to let us know about your experience with your Geek Squad Protection plan. As someone who uses my phone for quite a bit, I can understand how big of an impact not having access to one can be. I appreciate you providing your feedback about this experience so far.


While we do out best to provide accurate shipping estimates, it is possible for delays to occur. Can you please clarify what assistance you were trying to get from our chat agents? I am located here at our Corporate Campus and would like to document your experience talking to these agents. I will need a bit more information in order to do so.

Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Case numbers (if available)


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your message.

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