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Geek Squad Broke My iPhone

I am currently dealing with a terrible experience with Best Buy geek squad. 


I purchased a brand new iPhoneXS in July 2019 from the Apple store. Along with it I purchased Apple care. 


November 12- I broke my screen. Looked on Apple website to schedule a repair. I saw that best buy is now certified in Apple repairs. I made an appointment for November 13th. 


November 13- brought my phone in for repair. Michelle the geek squad manager took care of me.  They replaced the screen.  A few days later i noticed the bottom of my phone was snagged on the leggings i was wearing;  i checked the bottom of the phone and say one of the screws on the left side of the charger was not all the way screwed in and looked as though it was starting to strip.  I brought the phone back to best buy and Michelle again worked with me. I told her I was in last week and the screw is not all the way in.  She said she could screw it in more. Michelle came back out after she "repaired" it and said I got it in a little more that is the best I can do because the screw is starting to strip. She offered to replace the screw.  She again went to the back to try to unscrew it. She said she couldn't get the screw out but she did get it screwed in more.  I said well what am I supposed to do when (because it will happen again) i break my screen again. They will not be able to get the stripped screw out. Michelle offered for me to come back in 25 min so she can have another geek squad member work on it.  I left and came back and a person at the front said he is your phone they couldn't get the screw out.  I asked to speak with Michelle and said I am very unhappy that my phone is now broken when i brought it in for a simple repair. I also noticed that the silent switch on the left was stuck on silent. They broke that as well.  She offered to order me a brand new phone.   I agreed. Michelle said the phone will be in the following Monday by 1pm. I never got a call or email regarding the phone coming in.  Tried calling best buy to see if the phone had arrived and was unable to reach them by phone.  I sped 53 minutes on the phone trying to get transfered time after time. I kept getting disconnected and never ended up getting to speak with anyone.  I decided to stop by the store to see if the phone was in.  The person at the geek squad desk said it was not in yet.  I asked to talk to the store manager. The store manager Lauren had left for the day so i spoke with the assistant store manager David. He was very nice and understanding of my frusterations. I again asked if it was brand new and he confirmed that it was new. Another employee Grant was standing there and said she will probably getting a replacement phone. That was the first I had heard of that because Michelle confirmed it was a brand new phone.  The assistant manager David offered to talk to his store manager Lauren to see what we could do about this issue.  He said he would email her and explain the situation and I should hear back from her the next day.  He provided the tacking info from FedEx and confirmed the new phone would be in the following day. He said I should hear from Lauren by phone or email the next day.  

That evening I decided to call apple to explain this issue.  The representive Neil was very nice and had been very helpful  He offered to call the store the next day and speak with Lauren or Michelle to see what was going on with the iphone.  

Neil called me the next day and said he spoke with Michelle and she said she had the phone.  Neil asked if it was brand new and she said yes it is in the white box like the ones that you buy new from apple.

That same day I never recieved an email from Lauren about the issues I have delt with with the customer service (as promised by the asst manager). I also never recieved a phone call or email to say my phone had arrived.  I stopped in the store to get my phone.  Waited about 20 min in the store for someone to help me. A geek swuad member brought out my new phone.  I said this isnt a new phone as promised it is a replacement phone (with replacement parts).  I said i was very upset wit the service.  I brought a phone in tha twas new and not a "replacement" phone and best buy broke my phone and now I am recieving a replacement phone instead of the new iphone they said I would be recieving.  I told best buy I did not want to accept the replacement phone at this time and that I needed to talk to the apple employee Neil.  He has been trying to reach best buy since wedneday November 27th.  In addition I have a phone that is stuck on silent and is not charging properly now.  I am very disapplinted in the customer service to say the very least.  I hope this issue can be resolved in  a fair manner but unfortunately there is no follow up with any employees at best buy. 

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Re: Geek Squad Broke My iPhone

Although frustrating, I would say the replacement phone is fair because the phone you brought in was damaged. If it was a brand new phone with no damage, I would agree with you. An Apple remanufactured phone is almost as good as new one honestly. They’re rock solid.
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Re: Geek Squad Broke My iPhone

Good afternoon, GinaRDH86,


Thank you for taking the time to visit us here on our community forums and letting us know about your phone. I use my phone for nearly everything so I can understand your frustration on waiting for a replacement to arrive. Have you been able to get in touch with the management team at this store since making this post? If not can you please send me a private message with some more information so I can look further in to this? I will need to confirm your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Service order number (if available)


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

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