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Geek Squad Broke My Computer

Three months ago I took my Apple desktop to Geek Squad for repair.  Not only could they not repair the computer, but they returned it to my local BB store with a broken screen.  They could not locate a screen for the computer and offerred me a $500 gift card instead.  I agreed to the amount of $500 , but requested a check in that amount since and not a gift card because 1) I did not purchase the computer from BB and felt it was unfair that with a gift card I would be forced to purchase from them, and 2) I had no intention of ‘rewarding’ BB for breaking my computer by spending $500 at BB.

They refused. So after much frustration, I was finally worn down and accepted the gift card.

I thanked the CS rep on the forum for expediting the process.  But I would like to warn any and everybody to steer clear of Geek Squad specifically and Best Buy in general.  They do not stand by their service, have less than competent Geek Squad service employees and are a nightmare to deal with.

I have one question for Best Buy:   Why should I be forced to accept a BB gift card for damage you caused to my computer that was not purchased from you? That’s like an appliance store’s repair department that damages your stove saying they will give a store credit for the next time you need to purchase an appliance. Unethical.

Bottom Line: One customer ( plus friends and family and so on) lost for life.

The good will of a business is hard won and easily lost.