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Geek Squad/Best Buy Protection plan



i just got back from best buy not to long ago and am super upset. So for a lil backround i got a 2 year protection plan with my phone last year just in case something happens. We love best buy and never had any issues until today. So since my phone decided to stop working today we went to the geek squad because we were promised the best customer service and awesome protection for the phone. Well after going in i was told that we had pretty much no other options then sending in the phone to receive a rebuild phone. I mean i understand my phone is not turning on but i really thought that i will be helped at the store. So after i was told there was no other options but sendinhg in the phone for of course another charge i am just wondering why i purchased the protection plan when at the end with the plan and the other amount i am supposed to pay i will be out of almost 500$. So now i'm wondering everything we were told when purchasing the plan was all a lie?


I am really upset in that case i should just stayed with verizon customer service and never should have purchased the protection plan because at the end it is not doing anything for me.



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Re: Geek Squad/Best Buy Protection plan

Good afternoon, madrid79915,


Thank you for taking the time to join our community forum. I know how important it is to have a working phone and can understand wanting to get this replaced as quickly as possible. In the event the Geek Squad determines that your phone must be replaced a service fee is assessed at that time. While we do work to replace you device with a new product, it is also possible to receive a refurbished one. Is there anything we can do to assist you with your phone at this time? Please let us know, we're happy to see how we can help!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Geek Squad/Best Buy Protection plan

Unfortunately i will not be getting a new product. Sad to say when i purchased the plan that is exactly what I was told, but i guess i have to be excited about a refurbished phone. In the last 3 days i saw how best buy/geeksquad appreciates their customers. When one of your employes tells you to basically i should have purchased an Apple Phone. Wow great help right there or if i wanted my samsung to get fixed to just try to go to Dallas. Of course why not i mean it's only an 8 hour drive. I am very disappointed with the service and the protection plan. I wish i would have never purchased it. Because for the almost $500 i spent i could have bought myself another phone and safed myself a big headache. But well what can i say lesson learned on my sight. The 9 people i talked to clearly didn't care so i will make sure to make all my purchases somewhere else next time.


So for all the customers that are going to continue to shop at the store. I hope you guys will let your Employe's know to really learn and read what they tell the customers about the protection plan because if we as customers are lied to and have to read the whole fineprint there well then we would be still sitting there and not making any purchases.