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Geek Squad Awful Customer Service at Store

I went in to store# 869 in Chandler, AZ on July 3rd. I brought in my HP laptop that I bought at this same store in March 2018 because it was not working. The rep who took in my computer at the Geek Squad counter, Colin told me that the computer would be ready on Sunday July 8th. He told me to buy a flash drive to back up my documents, since this is the computer I use for my business. I went back a couple hours later and picked up the flash drive and was told that they had to order a part because it was needed to repair my computer. When I got home a couple of hours later I took the flash drive and connected it to another computer to download my documents, when I tried there were some folders but none of my information was there. I proceeded to call the store and was routed to a call center, the rep placed me on hold after I told him my situation and told me that I needed to go back to the store. I asked him if I could speak with someone at the store over the phone to see if by any chance I was doing something incorrect. I considered myself computer savvy but sometimes you can miss something. His answer was, "well, if that's going to make you feel better". I advised him that this was no way of talking to a customer, he tried to say it was not his intention but the damage was done. I had to get on my car at almost 7pm and go to the store, at the store Colin checked and it had been the mistake of whoever backed up my documents, did it incorrectly. He took care of it and it worked.


As days passed I continued checking the online tool to see the status of the repair and there were no updates from the last one on July 3rd. I understand there was a holiday in between but when sunday came around, which was the day I was told my computer would be ready I called the store and spoke to someone at the Geek Squad counter. He told me first that because of the holiday the part had not been received, then when I questioned the fact that the holiday was on Wednesday and that left HP Thursday and Friday to ship the part, he said that maybe HP doesn't have the part in stock, which makes less sense since my computer is a newer model, I would think parts are easier to come by. At the end he told me they did not have an estimated date on when the part would arrive.


I went to the store today to get some help from them and try to find out when I can expect my computer to be ready. I explained to Kacey, the Geek Squad manager that this is the computer I use for my business and I am at a stand still. She first tells me that the part will not be in until July 11th and that the rep that I spoke to on the phone yesterday told her that he told me this. When she said this, I told her that at no point he told me this, that if he had I would not be at the store because I would have had that infomration already. She proceeded to tell me that he did tell me this on the phone that he told her that, which in other words she is calling me a liar. I tried to make sense of what she was telling me because then she tells me that maybe HP doesn't have the part, again my computer is a newer model. Then when I asked her when did they know that the part was going to be delivered on the 11th, she told me that maybe the information was updated this morning, two minutes ago she told me that the rep I spoke to on the phone had already told me that the part would be in on the 11th, which now makes it even more impossible since she is saying that maybe they just found out today that the part would be in on the 11th. She has no customer service skills. No empathy for what I am going thru losing money on my business because of this. Other than Colin, the service I have received from the staff at the Geek Squad at store #869 has been horrible. On top of it I still don't have my computer ready and because of this my business continues to suffer. I tried to talk to the store manager but he was off, then I asked for the store assistant manager but was told that he was also off. 


It is very frustrating to feel treated like you have no idea how the world works. I'm sorry but Best Buy is the largest electronics retailer in the US, how can you tell me that you cannot get parts from a vendor as large as HP in a shorter time. That makes no sense. But what it is even worse is to be treated with so much disrespect by someone who is supposed to be a manager. This has been my far my worse experience at any store that I have had to deal with staff.

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Re: Geek Squad Awful Customer Service at Store

Hi ivonnelopez1,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Before I moved over to our social media team, I was a Geek Squad Agent for many years. I’m disappointed to read about the bad experience you had in our Chandler store.


I apologize for the difficulty you’ve had in communicating with the store, and for the incomplete data backup. I will say that, counterintuitively, it often takes longer to get parts for newer computers than it does for older ones. That because there is a larger store of parts built up for older models, and it may be difficult to source parts on newer models.


I hope that by now we have been able to complete your repair and your computer is back up and running. If you do have any outstanding issues, I’d be happy to look into them for you. I’d just need you to send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post, with your name, phone number, email address, and service order number.


Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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