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Geek Squad/ Apple reservations did NOT work

I need a new battery so I logged into Apple Support and was able to set up an appointment to service my Iphone 6s at the Best Buy in Tiffany Springs at 2pm this past Saturday.  I showed up however the Geek Squad guy basically told me that it was all for nothing that they have NO way to communicate w/Apple.  Apparently they only have one certified apple service tech and he does not work on the weekends.  My question is why is there NO communication from Apple to Best buy??  HOW was I able to select a time and date and store from their website??  I think it's very bad customer service from both sides and it honestly doesn't make me want to spend money on another Iphone or go shopping at Best Buy anymore.  I wasted my time (30mins) driving to the best buy only to be told I couldn't be helped and had planned my day to get this done all for nothing.  The only time available is during the week while I work which is not convienant at all either.  Something needs to be done about the lack of communication from Apple to Best Buy and to the customer.  A simple call to me before I drove up there would have been nice to explain that they do not have a service tech available.  I would have appreciated that much more than being told at the store that I could not be helped.  Plus it happened to the customer in front of me too so it seems to be a common issue that really needs to be addressed if you'd like to keep customers.   

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Re: Geek Squad/ Apple reservations did NOT work

This is not normal. This particular precinct dropped the ball. There should always be someone available to repair the iPhones. I’m sure the moderators here will appreciate the feedback and information so they can communicate the issue with the local store and possibly the district it is a part of so corrections to this issue can be made.
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Re: Geek Squad/ Apple reservations did NOT work

Good afternoon, mecollins22,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  As SPOPATT has mentioned, it sounds like your local Geek Squad missed the mark with your recent service appointment, and I apologize for the inconvenience this experience has undoubtedly caused. 


Using the information you’ve provided upon joining our Support Forums, I see you’ve created a new appointment with your local Geek Squad earlier today, and I am optimistic this appointment will go smoother than your last.  If you have any other issues with your local Geek Squad in the future, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Forums again.


Thank you for posting,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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