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GSP ADH Sony Lens was sent to Precisioncamera repair by GS Agent IT IS STILL NOT CHECK IN?!

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This is the tracking number for the Camera Lens, they got it on the 11th, it's been 8 days since. They have yet to check in or look at it. I went into the store to confirm this, Yeah see that it was delivered.


Yes me too. It was signed for by some dude name BAYNES. Since I know where it was sent I google it. This place has horrible HORRIBLE reviews. EMPLOYEES From the shop leaves review that they are underpaid, and over work. 

So it's not a wonder why my lens has yet to be touch or check, Or heck at this point im scared they lost it.


When I buy a ADH protection plan on a Expensive lens because I use it for wild life photography work. I didn't expect to not have any help or update for a week.


This is the service order number look for yourself and confirm by the GS Agent. They have yet to even touch it.

Service order number: {removed per forum guidelines}



My question is what is the time limit for the repair? at what point do I get the option of replacing the lens. If the shop takes to long or they never get to it. 


There must be a policy for how long repair can take place, otherwise there is no point in ever buying geeksquad protection again and I am a TOTAL TECH MEMBER. 


I don't know why bestbuy choose to send my lens to a shop that clearly is not being manage. I thought geeksquad protection is geeksquad not 3rd party. 


This whole thing is mess up. I feel like its my fault as a customer for buying the protection, instead of making thing easier it give me more stress and work. 


If i had no protection when I accidently drop it. I atleast would know I need to get a replacement, or see if its fixable. 

My options are clear, but bestbuy has taken that option away cause my repair is stuck in limbo.


Lastly The Geeksquad agent didn't even write down all the damage, The lens had a deep stratch on the front end lens. it wasn't mention in the service order. 


How do I we resolve this nightmare because the idea of reading through the entire bestbuy policy website to find out what my options are is crazy. I already my GSP ADH Terms and i see nothing for your guys part. 

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Re: GSP ADH Sony Lens was sent to Precisioncamera repair by GS Agent IT IS STILL NOT CHECK IN?!

Good Morning, Senpaisaito.


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Community Forums. I certainly understand how you are feeling after sending your camera out for repair service and not receiving the updates you are seeking regarding the expected turn around time. Typically, our Agents will provide you with an estimated time frame on the repair when you drop your device off with us. This estimate will largely be based on the time frame of recent repairs. These can change based on factors such as the volume of repairs at a service location, the manufacturer's part supply, and shipping times. Precision Camera is an authorized third party who Geek Squad partners with for camera and lens repairs. Precision Camera does not utilize the same system for logging repair notes as Geek Squad, so you may not receive updates when checking your service order paperwork. You may need to return to the store and request an escalation be sent for more information about the current repair time for your product. 

I would be happy to look further into this on your behalf. Please feel free to send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and service order number.


Kindest regards,

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