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GS has really gone downhill

I have a Samsung Refrigerator that is known to have a faulty ice maker. Everytime I call, they say "oh yeah that's a very common issue." I called a couple weeks to have it fixed for the 5th or 6th time. Told them it was doing the same mystery as to how it was going to be handled since they don't replace thunder the no lemon policy. So set my appointment and about an hour later I get a call from a third party company saying they have been assigned to fix but they don't do delivery windows it's just sometime between 9-5. So I have to reschedule for a week later(today) when someone can be there all day. So the tech shows up, walks in, looks at goes yep that ice make will need to be replaced and says they have to order parts and that the whole refrigerator will need to be cleared out and off for two days before service. So annoyed I don't know where to start. First this is the first time a third party has been sent to "fix" it but never has it needed to be cleared out and turned off to fix this issue. Second it was no mystery what the problem was so why weren't the parts already ordered and ready. I called 1800GeekSquard and the rep is of no help. Didn't care that they either sent an incompetent company out or didn't tell them what the issue was so they weren't ready to fix it. Couldn't transfer me to a manager ( my guess is that's because they are working from home and the manager doesn't live there) and provide no customer service at all. They don't want to own their mistakes. One of my "solutions" he offered was I could just cancel the service. What a joke.
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Re: GS has really gone downhill

Hello, tnt15600,


Thanks for reaching out about your Samsung fridge’s ice maker and your recent diagnostic appointment. I can totally understand where you’re coming from with this feedback and I want to ensure it gets to the right place and see what may be possible to assist going forward.


So you are aware, Best Buy does work with trusted service partners for some repairs. In my experience, service partners are usually brought in when there is either no Geek Squad agent in the area cleared for the specific type of repair and/or product, or if the area Geek Squad agent(s) are fully booked out so that customers can be assisted sooner. In this situation, it sounds like the service partner has now ordered the parts for the repair so it may still be fastest to go forward with the repair with that team. However, if you’re wanting to explore other options, I may be able to request an alternative servicer though it is likely that an alternative servicer may need to start the process over with their own assessment and parts ordering.


So that I can look into things further, I’ll need confirmation of your full name, phone number, email address, and repair order number (if available). Please be sure to send that information to me privately instead of posting it publicly to this conversation. I look forward to hearing from you!



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