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Geek Squad Warranty on phones is terrible.

I bought a Pixel4xl from Best Buy in Burlington In November 2019. I was sold the Geek squad warranty. Now 1 year and 25 days later my phone's battery is giving me trouble and not charging. When I called Geek Squad they said they would send me a replacement but I had to pay a 200$ deductible. When it was sold to me I was told that there would be a deductible only if there was physical damage to the phone.

When I questioned this, I was informed by the customer service person that the phone warranty is only for a year and when it crosses that I have to pay the deductible. Why am I paying 2 years for a geek squad protection plan if this is the case??.

I then checked on Google's site and they said that with the Pixel 4, they are extending the factory warranty for an extra year to cover battery and charging issues. I then called Geek Squad customer service and passed this information on to them. They said their system would not allow them to take off the 200$ charge, which I have never heard of before. SO I then asked the agent to speak to her supervisor and explain the situation so they could override the 200$ fee. I was put on hold for a while and the response I got was even worse.

" Sir my supervisor said that if you are getting an extended warranty with google then go ahead and return it through them".. THEN WHY AM I PAYING EVERY MONTH FOR GEEK SQUAD PROTECTION?????

I then asked to speak to her supervisor and team leader and after a long hold, she said they were busy and on vacation so I will get a call back in 24 to 48 hours. It has been over 48 hours and There has been no callback.

I really want to cancel my geek squad protection and will never buy another product from Best Buy again.

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Team Leader: Lorraine

Call center associate: Satwinderor / Sukwinder



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Hello, Alittlesong,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to write to us and letting us know about your experience with your Geek Squad Protection plan. With how important phones are, I know that having the peace of mine a Geek Squad Protection plans is a great thing to have.


These plans are meant to enhance and extend manufacturers warranties. With that said, we are unable to offer these warranties and these repairs are normally completed by the manufacturer. If you'd like to take advantage of this extended warranty period I would recommend work with Google moving forward.


If you'd like to cancel your Geek Squad Protection plan you can give us a call at (800) 433-5778. Our phone agents will be happy to start this process for you. Please let me know if you have any more questions I can help with!



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If I have to work with google then what was the use of me paying into your plan??? The whole point of paying every month is for the convenience and the peace of mind that my problems would be taken care of with the least amount of stress. The associate that sold me the plan told me to cancel after 3 months. I kept it thinking if something went wrong I would be taken care of. This is a fraud. You should be canceling my service and giving me a refund for the amount I have paid so far. This kind of service makes me never want to buy another product from Best buy and never ever take a Geek Squad protection plan. I was warned by many people that the protection plan you offer is not worth the paper it's printed on but I guess you only learn the hard way. I am very disappointed and let down that we have such bad customer service in a country like ours where customer service is supposed to be of utmost importance.