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Frustrated with Geek Squad Apple Repairs

I have a lot of issues with my current repair order.  I figured this was the best place to cover all of them.


I went on because my phone was not working.  They told me that the local Best Buy Geek Squad was my best option since the Apple store is 2 hours away.  I made an appointment, I went in and literally stood at the counter for two hours while they tried to figure out how to send my phone in for repair.  I said multiple times, I have Apple Care+ if I need to just get a new phone I will pay the $99 I that will speed this up.  He finally gets it all figured out and can send my phone in.  I asked how long I would be without a phone and he said "we will overnight it to them, they will look at it tomorrow and overnight it or a new one back.  We will call you when it's here" This was on Monday.  By Wednesday afternoon when I hadn't heard anything and I had checked my "Repair Status" link which still says "Your repair will be assigned to an Agent soon"  I tried calling the store to make sure it wasn't just sitting behind the counter.  I was on hold for 20 minutes before someone picked up the phone and said they had sent it to Apple so they couldn't give me an update.  I was getting pretty frustrated by this point because I had no way of knowing when or if my phone was actually going to get repaired. 


Early Thursday afternoon, I reached out to Apple a few different ways and finally, someone was able to tell me It looks as though the device is on hold for a requote and its status was just updated within the last hour. We have no further information, however considering the recent nature of the update, we expect you to hear from someone soon. If not, you may want to reach out to the Best Buy that facilitated the repair for more information, as they may be the point of contact for the repair."


At least this was progress, I knew it was at least getting looked at.  I knew based on them saying it needed to be "requoted" that it meant I would need to pay the $99.  I knew I had already told Best Buy that was fine so my hope was as soon as they got that message, they would approve it or at the least call me to get approval.  I didn't hear anything from Best Buy on Thursday or Friday morning. 


Friday afternoon, I went to Best Buy to speak to the Geek Squad to see what the status of my order was.  They looked it up and said "oh, we need you to approve this quote for $99"  I said yes and asked how soon I would get my phone.  They then told me that Apple usually overnights them but since it is now Friday afternoon I probably wouldn't get it until Monday.     


Three things about this infuriate me. 


One, how long would they have waited to contact me to get that approved if I wouldn't have come in?!? 


Two, if they would have contacted me Thursday when the new quote was sent to them, I would already have had my phone. 


Three, probably the most annoying part of this whole thing that drives me the craziest about the Geek Squad system is the Track Status page.  If you are going to have a system like this, how about having one that actually gives you pertinent information?  For 5 days it has just said



"07/15/201901:35 p.m.
Your repair will be assigned to an Agent soon."
How about:
"Product shipped to Apple"
"Awaiting quote Approval"
"Product shipped back to Best Buy" 
Anything would be better than what it has said all week.  You are a company that works with technology, how about using some of it.  If Dominos can tell me the status of my $15 pizza I would hope that the combined resources from Best Buy and Apple could give me some sort of update on my $1000+ iPhone.    
I am a huge fan of Best Buy but this makes me really want to cut out the middle man in the future.  
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Re: Frustrated with Geek Squad Apple Repairs

Hi, junckerl,


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share these details of your recent repair experience. I completely understand how important your phone is and it's disappointing to hear that you may have gone without it for longer than anticipated. We pride ourselves on being technology experts and I wish that you would've gotten to experience that. 


First and foremost, have you now received your phone? If you have not, please let us know so that we can follow-up on that as soon as possible. Second, we would love to document your experience to help us constantly improve. We value your feedback so much, and really do appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. Would you be willing to send us a Private Message (by utilizing the button in my signature) including your full name, email address, and phone number so that we can properly document this?

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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