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Frigidaire Refrigerator Nightmare

I am absolutely disgusted with how Best Buy treats its customers. My Frigidaire side by side refrigerator for which I purchased a 5-year warranty has had multiple issues in the past couple of years with at least $1000 spent on previous repairs for it. On 12/22/2021 my freezer stopped working completely. I lost over $200 worth of food. I called Geek Squad that day and made a claim for the freezer not working. A repairman came almost one week later on 12/28/2021 from Unique Repair Services, Inc. who said that there were sealed systems issues and that their company does not do those kinds of repairs. He stated the repairs would include changing the compressor and various other parts which would be very costly, more than the cost of the refrigerator, so Best Buy should just replace it. I called Geek Squad that same day and I was transferred to Leah in Special Forces who submitted the case to the Exchange Department. The next day I got an email from AIG warranty stating that I had an appointment scheduled with A&E Factory Service in 2 weeks on 1/11/2022. I called Special Forces on 12/29 and spoke with Michelle who reviewed everything and spoke with her manager who also agreed that an exchange was warranted and that the case would again be submitted to the Exchange Department. I was told I would get an email response within 2-5 business days on their decision. I received no emails and overnight on 1/3-1/4 the refrigerator side stopped working as well, so now I had no working freezer or refrigerator. I called Special Forces on 1/4 to give them this update and spoke with Stacy who told me to wait one more day for the email from the Exchange Department. I called 2 days later on 1/6 since there was still no response and was told to continue waiting.


On 1/11 the repairman from A&E came and overall seemed incompetent. He called multiple co-workers and Frigidaire who had him try different things on the display but nothing worked. Ultimately whoever he spoke to at Frigidaire told him the electronic control board needed to be replaced (previously had been replaced in 5/2020). The repairman also said that three other parts needed to be ordered as well, including an evaporator, filter dryer, and dispenser flapper. He said the parts would come to my house and that the next available service date for repair would be in almost 2 weeks on 1/24. I then received an email from A&E on 1/13 stating that "One or more of your parts on order has been delayed and we are researching part options. We’ll send weekly updates to let you know status and when a reschedule time is available." Again, I would have to wait even longer and I still had no guarantee that the refrigerator would work even with these new parts. I called Special Forces on 1/13 and asked to speak to a supervisor but I was told by Naomi that this was not possible at this time, that a form would need to be submitted and then I could receive a call back from a supervisor. She reviewed my case and noted that the request for the exchange had been submitted by Michelle on 12/29/2021 but that nothing further had been done. The Exchange Department had not approved or denied the case, it was just open. She did not know why this was just left like this so she said she would submit the case again to the Exchange Department. She said I would get an email response within 2-5 business days but that refrigerators with cooling problems are prioritized so I should get a response sooner. I was also told I would get a call from a supervisor. Nothing ended up happening, I still have not received any calls or emails.


Ultimately, the four parts were shipped to my home a couple of days later and on 1/24 a different repairman from A&E came. He spent over 3 hours taking apart the entire refrigerator trying to figure out what was going on, nothing seemed to work. He expressed a lot of frustration and stated that the previous A&E repairman was just guessingwhen he had ordered a bunch of parts at the previous visit. The repairman only ended up replacing 2 (control board and filter dryer) out of the 4 parts that had been ordered. Even with the new control board that Frigidaire had recommended replacing previously, he still could not get anything to work on the refrigerator. He called Frigidaire and after trying multiple things, was told that the user interface (previously replaced 3/2020) and the evaporator fan motor needed to be replaced. The repairman stated that there may be a sealed systems issue as well but that cannot be determined until these other parts are replaced first. The next available service date is in almost 2 weeks on 2/5/2022. Again, there is no guarantee that the refrigerator will work after this upcoming repair, which means by then it will be over 6 weeks without a working refrigerator for my family.


I received an email with the receipt for all of the parts and labor costs for the service done on 1/24/2022 and it was over $1100. This is being covered under the 5-year warranty I had purchased but it makes absolutely no sense how Best Buy is pouring more and more money into repairing this refrigerator that clearly does not work. They have already spent well over the cost of what I paid for the refrigerator. They just keep sending out repair people who order a bunch of parts each time, some not even being used in the end, with ridiculous wait times of 2 weeks between each service appointment.


Hours of my time have been wasted on phone calls with Best Buy and I have needed to take time off from work to be at these multiple repair appointments where nothing has been done. I have been without a refrigerator for over three weeks and without a freezer for over one month now. I have a family of five so this entire experience has been a complete nightmare! I am appalled at how Best Buy and AIG warranty has treated us. It's a wonder that they are still in business given how poor their customer service is. I will not be surprised if Best Buy goes out of business soon given so many customer complaints on these forums, the BBB website, and social media.

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Re: Frigidaire Refrigerator Nightmare

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I appreciate you going into such detail regarding your ongoing situation with your fridge covered under our Geek Squad Protection (GSP) plan.


I'd love to look into your account a bit further to see how I may be of help here. To start, please send us a private message here on Forums with your full name, phone number and email. 


Once I receive the private message, I can further review your account and reach out to the appropriate teams for updates on this.


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