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Freezer DOA

I purchased a freezer on April 22. It was delivered on Monday the 27th. The LED display on the front  of the (Insignia 21cu ft refrigerator/freezer) was not working from the time we plugged it in. 


I called Best Buy and was told we would have service on Thursday. Then Best Servicers called me and said it would be Wednesday. Great! Right? But no, then they called me back and said the service tech would be here Friday.


As expected he arrived, and looked over the freezer. He didn't know what the problem was in particular, so he ordered replacements for both electronic boards, one on the front of the door with the display, and a board from the back of the freezer. 


Early the following week I checked with Best Servicers to find out where we stood with things. They told me they had submitted the warranty claim to AIG, twice, with no response.


I called Best Buy and  after waiting a full 30 minutes, I spoke with a rep named Jackie. Jackie asked why we were repairing what was supposed to be a brand new item. She was on the phone with me for at least an hour, as she looked for a new freezer to give me in replacement. She was unable to source one and so she transferred me to Special Forces.


I spoke with Sean, and he allowed as how the parts couldn't be ordered because I wasn't in the system yet as the freezer was so new. He created the record and said he would order the parts. 


That was on Monday of this week. I checked back on Wednesday and they told me the parts had been ordered. 


Today I recieved a call that the parts are backordered. The servicer did not offer to come install only one of the boards, they also didn't give me any ETA. My own research online tells me that part might not  be available until August, but he did not give me any time frame.


August for a freezer I bought in April?


Honestly, at this point I feel I need to escalate this. 


Thank you for any help you can offer.