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Formal complaint against Best Buy's Geek Squad

I have had numerous issues with Geek Squad coming fix appliances and in the process damaging something else. 

I hope people will wise up and stop buying major appliances form best buy and look elsewhere. 


I have a Kitchenaid double oven that was having heating issues and was behaving erratically.  I called to schedule an appointment and the parts came in the mail.  I only was sent a single temperature probe and its a double oven with two probes.  The main touchscreen also came.  Needless to say, these parts did not fix the issue, and I told geek squad telephone support numerous times it's the Copernicus control module and not the temperature probes or input device.


In the process of removing the oven, the geek squad technicians failed to remove the oven doors and damaged my french door refrigerator.  One of the doors is scratched from the oven door being opened during the repair.  They never said anything to me and left without admitting to the damage.  Also, the technicians failed to have any temperature measurement devices and basically told me to calibrate the oven.


Well now the oven is running over 50 degrees to hot and the built-in calibration offset only goes to +- 30 degrees.  How do I get my oven fixed now?  I do not trust Geek squad in my house, what will they break next time my dishwasher?  Finally, on another repair for my refrigerator, the technician scratched the front panel which required additional trips.  


This best buy store is located in Metairie, Louisiana.  I feel ripped off and taken advantage of.  It's time we consumers do something about the lack of support from Best Buy.  Go buy appliances from Home Depot or Lowes.

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Re: Formal complaint against Best Buy's Geek Squad

Hey, robla103,


Thanks for taking the time to share this with us, and I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. An oven is an important part of any household, and I'm sad to hear that your's is still not working properly. I'd love to document this complaint formerly here at the Best Buy Corporate Campus, as well as look into any other options we may have at this time. For me to do so, please send me a private message, utilizing the link in my signature below, with the following:


Your full name

Email address

Phone number




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