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Formal complaint about service in car and audio

I spent over $1000 on different items for my truck. When they quit working I went to the store where I had said items installed only to be told they no longer had a certified tech that could help me. After about a half hour I was able to get an appt at another store approximately an hour and a half away about two weeks later. I was not happy about this but I made the appointment. When I arrived for the appointment I received a phone call as I pulled up to the back door telling me the tech had called out sick and that I would have to reschedule. I was beyond livid. I had called earlier to let them know I had a flat and was running late but would be there. No one mentioned the tech being out at this point. The person that called me did not seemed very concerned with my aggravation and wasted time. He said he could set me up at yet another store in another city TWO hours away from me in another 2 weeks! I find this to be beyond inexcusable. My husband was at yet another store and he was told they hadn't had a tech in over a year! How is this possible? Why sell me products and warranties if you do not have the staff to meet the needs of customers when they have an issue. A simple I'm sorry does not fix my devices nor does it get me my time back. I live in Texas and I find it hard to believe that they have such few stores with certified techs to meet the needs of their customers. I am mad and disappointed in Best Buy. How can they be ok with this lack of service personnel?

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Re: Formal complaint about service in car and audio



We appreciate you taking the time to create a profile and join us here on the Best Buy Forums. Please feel free to explore this awesome, public platform.


Running into issues with your car audio is certainly never ideal, and when you add long drives and cancelled appointments to the repair process, that definitely doesn’t help. Our team would be more than happy to document your concerns here at the Corporate Campus to be addressed by the appropriate teams, as well as look into assisting in any way we can.


For documentation purposes, please click on the blue button in my signature to send me a private message. Once there, please provide your full name, email, phone number, and service order number from your recent appointment.



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