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Formal complaint about Geek Squad Tech who tried to control my laptop against my wishes

On November 19, 2019, I used Geek Squad to assist with an email problem I was having.  The support person ("Richard D") determined the issue was not on my computer, but likely was an issue with the email host of the person sending. i was getting ready to sign off when a survey popped up. I started to answer the survey, but all of a sudden, the tech (who was still connected) started trying to fill out the survey himself.  I tried to block him and tried to move my cursor over to the Red X to close the connection, but he kept moving the cursor on his end to block me from closing out.  I shut down my laptop, waited a few minutes, but when I opened it up again, he was instantly there, and opened a command prompt box and started to type a string in it. I am not sure what he was trying to do, but I kept hitting the backspace button to stop him.  I kept trying to move my cursor over to the red X, but he kept blocking me.  I shut down my computer 3 or 4 times, thinking he would go away, but each time I restarted, he was still hovering there, waiting to try to do heaven's knows what to my computer.  I then had my husband (who witnessed this guy trying to sabotage my computer)  take the laptop outside and down the block out of wifi range, so that the connection would drop.  In the meantime, from the moment I realized he was trying to take the survey himself and was fighting me for control of my own computer, I called the Geek Squad 800 number.  The person who answered the phone did not seem to feel there was any urgency in this issue, despite me telling him several times that he needed to get me to a supervisor, or someone who could kick that guy off my computer. Surely, Geek Squad has that ability.  The response was "Well, we'll need to escalate this issue and someone will call you back in a day or two"  I needed them to take action RIGHT THEN to track this guy and get him off my computer. The overall tone of both the first guy and his supervisor seemed to suggest that this was not a big deal.  It makes me wonder how often this happens -- they gave me the sense that this must be a common occurrence, as there did not seem to be any true sense of alarm or urgency that one of their workers was trying to sabotage my computer as we spoke. This whole experience is extremely disconcerting and alarming to me, and the apparent blase' attittude from Best Buy did not restore any of my confidence. This needs to be addressed immediately and with a sense of gravity. 

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Re: Formal complaint about Geek Squad Tech who tried to control my laptop against my wishes

Hey, michelle80210,


Thanks for taking the time to create a profile and bring this to our attention here on the Best Buy Forums. We wish that you joined under better circumstances, but please feel free to explore some of the content that we offer on this platform.


I can certainly understand how concerning it would be to not have control over your own computer, so I would be seeking some support here as well. I’d be happy to look into this and see what we may be able to do to assist. To get started I would need you to click on the blue button in my signature below to send me a private message. Once there, please provide your full name, email, phone number, service order number, and any additional details you wish to share.



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