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Formal complaint - Geek Squad

I took my computer to Geek Squad at Reynoldsburg, OH because it had crashed.  Understand that the closest Best Buy is about 20 minutes away.  They convinced me to buy a service contract that costs $200 so it would cover any serious problems they found. My first problem is that one of the techs decided the AC adapter that I had wasn’t adequate.  He asked that I buy one directly from Dell.  $30 and Amazon two-day shipping, it was done.  About two days after that I get an email notification that my computer is done.  I drive over, and they tell me that no one has even really looked at the computer and they are not sure why that notification was sent.  Really?  They assure me that they turned off the email notification and someone will call me when the computer is fixed.  After more than ten days since I first brought it in, I decide to call in.  The automated system says its ready.  Are you kidding?  So they turned off the email notification AND did not call.  When I pick up the computer they tell me that they had recovered the data, but that they couldn’t fix it because the motherboard was probably shot so I should just throw the computer away because a new motherboard would cost $600 and the computer was not worth it.  As I thought about it over time, the laptop malfunctioned after I closed it before it finished shutting down.  I didn’t think that the actual hardware could have been damaged.  So I called this guy off of craigslist and he recovered my computer for $50 and he said the original AC adapter I had worked fine.  So that was another $30 down the drain (too late to return).  He had no idea why the Geek Squad had said it was irrecoverable because it was a very simple fix.  I think it is ridiculous that I was talked into an expensive service contract, and not only could they not properly keep me updated either by phone, text or the computer system that is in place, but they didn’t fix it AND the worst offense, told me to throw the computer away! 

I would like my $200 service contract refunded.

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Re: Formal complaint - Geek Squad

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Good afternoon Robert808,


Thank you for taking the time to join our Support Forums to share your experience with us.  In my experience, there are few things more frustrating than a computer no longer functioning as expected.  To hear your experience with our Geek Squad has only added to your frustration is especially disheartening, and I apologize for the disappointment this experience has undoubtedly caused.


While we’ll be unable to accommodate your request through our Support Forums, if you’re interested in cancelling the Geek Squad Total Tech Support plan you’ve purchased, our Geek Squad may be able to assist you in getting this cancelled.  If you haven’t done so already, I recommend contacting them by phone at 1-800-433-5778, so they might begin the cancellation process for you.



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