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Formal Complaint

I felt compelled to create an account just to make this complaint since I can't find an email address or a physical address to send my message to.

I purchased a Lenovo Chromebook for my brother back in 2018 and with it I bought the additional 3 year warranty. Fast forward to last week and my brother's Chromebook would not turn on. He tried everything he could and it just would not work. He even got in trouble with his teachers because all their school work is done online through their Chromebooks and they wouldn't believe him when he told them it wasn't working. They blamed it on him not charging it the night before. He had to use his cellphone to do all his school work that day.

So I pulled up my e-receipt sent it to my mom and they brought it in to a Best Buy store to make a warranty claim. They were basically turned away at that point and told that I had to contact Geek Squad directly since the purchase was made using my credit card. Which I guess makes sense. I was confused as to why they didn't just tell her that I had to go into the store myself to make the claim. More on that later. 


Now starts my saga of constand back and forth with Geek Squad. I make the initial call and start the claim process. I was told that they would be sending me a shipping label and that I would need to print it and drop the device with all the accessories at a UPS store. Once they receive the device, it would take 2-3 weeks to process and send me the credit through a gift card sent to my email. Simple enough I guess but I was already a tad annoyed at how long it would take to process. I received the email with the shipping later in the day but when I went to try and print it I got an error message. So I call again. This time they tell me they have to escalate the issue and that someone will let me know once it's been resolved. I wasn't given a timeline or anything so I assumed 24 hours.

Next day comes and still nothing. So, I call again and this time they create a new incident number and send me a new shipping label. Yay! Except, I still get an error message.

So,I call again. This time they tell me that there is a system issue and that they have to escalate and send it to their Head Office for investigation. This whole process will take an additional 5 days on top of the shipping time and the 2-3 weeks to process. I asked if I could drop it off at a Best Buy store and get the store credit that way. This is where I find out that there are different types of warranty's and the one I bought doesn't allow for me to make a warranty claim through the store. This information was not communicated to me at the time that I bought the warranty. I had assumed it was the same since it was the only product that was offered to me at the time. 


Fast forward to today. I had contacted them again 3 days prior to get an update on the status of my claim and was told that it would be resolved or I would hear something back by today at the latest. I didn't hear anything so I decided to contact them again. They reviewed the file and told me that they would issue a new incident number and shipping label. I get the email for the incident number and not too long after that I get the shipping label. I click the link and try to print it off and get the same error message yet again.

So, I contact them AGAIN. After trying to get this person on the same page as me and explain to them that I already received the new shipping label and it isn't working they decided to look into the file again. They come back with them having to refile the claim and that it would take 2 days for this to process. So AGAIN, I am being told to wait longer than the original processing time that they told me. I have no patience left at this point so I asked to speak to a supervisor. They said that they escalated it to the supervisor and that the supervisor would contact me within 24 hours. I'm not sure why I belived I would be contacted sooner than that since it's taking forever to just get a shipping label that I can print to send off the defective device.

I wouldn't be this frustrated if I knew I was doing something wrong on my end but I've been following their instructions and I've tried to be understanding but the same issue keeps reoccuring because of something on their end. I was told that it'd be different and that the issue would be resolved once they refiled it. But isn't that the reason I had to wait 5 days for Head Office to investigate? So that they could figure out the issue and have it corrected by today? Why is it taking so long to resolve my issue? I feel like I am being penalized for something that is out of my control. Why do I have to be inconvenienced for something on their end? Why isn't there another way to resolve this issue? Why can't an exception be made so that I can make the claim in person rather than have to constantly contact customer support for the same issue?

I've communicated multiple times that my brother needs it to complete his school work since everything is done online so the longer we wait for this warranty claim to be processed the greater the risk of him falling behind since he doesn't have his own device to complete and store his school work on. What's the point of purchasing the warranty when you have to fight tooth and nail to even get a shipping label sent out to you so they can process it?

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Re: Formal Complaint

Hey, Aracheii,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Best Buy Forums. While I wish you were reaching out under different circumstances, you've come to the right place to get assistance and to get this feedback formally documented at the corporate campus.


It sounds like you've had a very difficult time getting direction on how to get this claim started for the Chromebook you purchased for your brother. That's a very kind gift, and I apologize for the troubles you've had in getting this fixed for him. 


Generally, you should be able to schedule an in-store appointment, and they can get the computer shipped out for you. However, I'd like to take a closer look into this and see what I can do to provide further clarity on your situation.


Please send me a private message, utilizing the link in my signature below, with your full name, email, and phone number. 




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