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Formal Complaint

Dear Best Buy,


I want to start this complaint by mentioning that I rarely send complaints and I have generally been pleased with your services over the last few years. However, the service that I've received over the past month (or two) have not only been miserable, but also unacceptable. On October 15th, I broke my expensive computer. I was devastated as I am an 18 year old college freshman with no money. My parents recommended getting it fixed at Geek Squad Repair as they are affiliated with Best Buy and they tend to have a great reputation. The computer was in fact fixable and the screen was the only element that was necessary to replace. I dropped my laptop off the next day on October 16th with an estimated, and "almost certain" deadline of November 1st. That was amazing for me! For about a third of the price of a new computer ($380), I could have mine fixed in 2 weeks! However, Best Buy and Geek Squad failed to deliver. With a major in Computer Science, I continuously tracked my order to ensure I had time to start preparing for my finals. Come October 31st, Best Buy had only started to request parts! I was dismayed. How was I going to prepare for finals? I called Best Buy, three different times, to hopefully get some answers. Three seperate calls later, the representatives told me they had no deadline for my computer, they had no idea what was going on saying that "maybe the part is back-ordered", and, after explaining my finals problem, one employee told me that he would buy a computer and return it if he were me! As a college student, I have no money!! I talked to a manager and they apoligized and said they couldn't do anything. An entire month later, I still haven't gotten my computer! I am finally projected to pick it up December 1st! An entire month after the deadline! I have finals coming up next week and I am not prepared. I can finally get my computer, but I am very upset about the delivery and the timing. I came hearing about the great reputation of Geek Squad and Best Buy, but I am not going to recommend Best Buy and Geek Squad again. On December 1st, I will pick up my computer, with no money as Christmas is coming, with no preparation for finals, and upset. Is there any way to get any compensation for my trouble or anything at all? If not, can you at least TRY to do a good job? I am dissapointed in the company and I will not want anyone else to go. Can you try, at the very minimum to ensure this doesn't happen to other customers?





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Re: Formal Complaint

Hello, zack_sentz,


Thanks for taking the time to connect with us here on the Best Buy Forums. Please feel free to explore this awesome community.


I can only imagine how hard it must have been to prepare for your finals without a working laptop. We do our best to fulfill requests within the estimated given, but unforeseen circumstances can sometimes cause delays.


While we do not typically compensate customers in instances such as this, I’d be happy to see if there is any information I can share on the status of your device, and connect with your local leaders to get any more that may be available. Additionally, I can document your feedback to be addressed by the appropriate teams. To do so, I would need you to click on the blue button in my signature to send me a private message. Once there, please provide your full name, email, phone number, and service order number, Zack.



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