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Formal Complaint

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Hello All,

My husband and I have been Best Buy customers for many years now. We have spent a lot of money here. We have bought TVs, laptops, ipads, gaming consoles, etc. Unfortunately, our last investment in Best Buy has been a total disappointment and disaster...specifically, with the Geek Squad.

We took an HP gaming computer to our local Best Buy/Geek Squad for what we thought it would be an easy fix but it has turned out to be a horrible experience.

We took our computer into our local Geek Squad with an operating system issue wherein the network connectivity and audio icons stopped appearing on the task bar. The computer was working without any other issues when we dropped it off with the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

We are extremely concerned as we have received a message from the Service Center, where our computer was shipped to get fixed, saying the computer has been shipped back to our local Best Buy with the fans and motherboard no longer functioning and the computer is in effect not usable...and that the service center could not obtain parts to fix it.

In short, we dropped off a working computer with an OS issue and now the computer is completely unusable. This is completely unacceptable. My husband and I feel out of options working with our local Geek Squad/Best Buy since we have been trying to call and talk to the local Geek Squad manager but haven't been able to reach her; we have emailed her and the representative that last helped us there but no response to our emails has been returned; we tried calling the (888) customer service number, but we got an automated message saying we need to use the online chat instead; we've tried to use the online chat within the hours of operation but can't seem to reach anyone there either. We need to find someone that we can escalate this issue with. It has been 2 months now since we dropped off our computer!

Here is the history of what has transpired -

1. On February 12, 2020 we dropped off our computer into our local Geek Squad. The associate who checked in our computer took the information we gave him about the issues with the network connectivity and audio icons. He plugged in our computer, turned it on, it came up on his monitor, and we pointed out the issues we took our computer in for. While the computer was on and running, he opened it up and got his finger nicked/shocked on one of the fans (he flinched and pulled his hand back quickly when it made contact with the fan). We assumed it was standard procedure to check the inside of the computer and assure it was in running condition before checking in for service. At this time, we didn’t think him nicking the fan had caused any issues.

2. Our pick up date was scheduled on February 16, 2020. The associate that checked in our computer said they would contact us on or before February 16 to let us know whether the computer was ready on the scheduled pick up date. After no one contacted us on or before Feb 16, we tried calling and speaking to someone regarding the status of the repair. Since we couldn't reach anyone over the phone, we decided to drive to Best Buy on February 18th and check in person. We were then told that they had not had a chance to work on our computer because one of the main service techs was in Canada and only one other tech was working on all service orders. We were then encouraged to buy the $200 one-year service coverage as that would likely cover the costs of the current repair and cover for one year on any other repairs. We decided to go ahead with it and purchased the one-year service membership.

3. On February 22, 2020, Michigan (Geek Squad tech) called us to inform us that the OS issues (network connectivity/audio) had been resolved BUT that the computer was going to require some kind of hardware repair related to the fans. He said that to repair the fans, we could ship our computer to the service center in Kentucky or we needed to send it directly to HP. He indicated further repairs would be our financial responsibility and not Best Buy's.

4. A couple days later, we went to Best Buy to talk to Michigan in person. At this time, Michigan indicated that the computer was functional but he didn't recommend running it with the fans having issues because it could overheat and cause further issues. He recommended again to ship our computer to the service center at our own cost. We mentioned to him that the fans were working fine when we dropped off the computer but that the associate that checked in the computer had opened the computer and nicked his finger in one of the fans. Michigan was surprised that this had not been mentioned to him or documented in the file by the associate. Michigan and the associate that checked in our computer were both there at this time. Michigan turned to the associate and said to him "How come this is the first time I am hearing about this? There's nothing in the file about it". The associate then confirmed to Michigan that what we were reporting to him was true and that he had nicked his finger in one of the fans. Michigan said he was going to look into it and would get back to us. Our computer stayed at Best Buy.

5. A few days later, Michigan informed us that there was nothing they could do for us and the only option we had was to send the computer to the service center at our own cost. After speaking with him, we tried calling Best Buy to speak to a manager, but as usual we could not get through so decided to go in person to speak to the manager about this.

6. On March 8, 2020, we went to Best Buy and requested to speak to the manager in charge. The Geek Squad manager, Miranda {removed per forum guidelines}, was not at the premises so we spoke with the supervisor in turn - Ethan {removed per forum guidelines}. Ethan was very nice and professional. We explained to him all we had been through since we dropped off our computer. He agreed to send the computer to the service center without charging us for it. He said Best Buy would be responsible for whatever issues they caused to the computer. He explained that at the service center a tech there would run the log file which would show when the fans stopped working. He stated that if the log file showed the fans stopped working after we dropped off the computer at Best Buy, they would take care of all repairs. We also explained to him that we were never able to get a hold of them over the phone and it was quite inconvenient for us to drive there every time we needed to communicate with them. He gave us his email address and extension. To this date, we still haven't been able to communicate with either Ethan or Miranda over the phone or email.

7. On March 22, 2020, we emailed Ethan {removed per forum guidelines} and copied the Geek Squad manager, Miranda {removed per forum guidelines}, to enquire about the status of our computer since we had not heard anything from anyone about it since March 8th. We never received a reply from either Ethan or Miranda.

8. On March 23, 2020, we received a message from the service center saying that agents were then diagnosing our device and determining what repairs were needed. The same day, the service center tech working on our computer, Denzel {removed per forum guidelines}, emailed us to inform us that our computer was going to be shipped back to our local Best Buy store due as they were not able to get parts for the unit. We then replied asking to explain further as we didn't understand what parts were needed and were wondering what had happened with running the log file as we were told by Ethan {removed per forum guidelines}at our local Best Buy. Denzel {removed per forum guidelines} then replied and said our unit needs to have the motherboard, the system fan, and the front bezel replaced. We then replied requesting the system log file. Denzel then replied saying "unfortunately, the unit will not stay powered on long enough to pull that information".
Needless to say, we were very frustrated and disappointed to hear this.

9. On or about April 1, 2020, we received a call from Ethan at our local Best Buy informing us that our computer had been shipped back and it was ready to be picked up.

10. We have been trying to call Ethan and/or Miranda {removed per forum guidelines} every day since then without any success. Due to COVID-19, we are now not able to go to Best Buy in person to talk to either one of them. We had emailed both of them on April 4, 2020 and no reply to our email has been received.

This is completely UNACCEPTABLE. We need someone from Best Buy to reach out to us. I have full documentation of all the above - Best Buy's receipts, service order claims, saved voice messages, emails exchanged, etc.

The outcome we are expecting is that Best Buy/Geek Squad will return to us a working/repaired computer. Please let us know how you will make this happen and turn this situation around. We appreciate your prompt attention to this.

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Re: Formal Complaint

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Re: Formal Complaint

Best Buy came through and turned the situation around. My husband and I are very satisfied with the way the escalation team handled the situation and the solution offered. Thank you!