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Formal Complaint

I would like to make a formal complaint regarding a local store. I bought my daughter, who just started her 1st year of college, a new Macbook Pro along with the Applecare service aggreement which i was told would cover everything in the first year of ownership. (not cheap by the way). We bought this computer in August and yesterday she was unable to log in to it so she took it back to the store and the Geek Squad checked it out. They said they will need to reload the operating software and the will need to charge $80 dollars to do a backup and I we will need to buy a drive to put it on. My daughter was upset because she didn't have the money so she called me. While i was on the phone with a manager complaining because I had already paid extra for the Apple Care plan and didn't see why i had to pay for them to back the computer up before they fixed it, the manager told me he didn't have time to argue with me. So I told my daughter to meet me at my house and we drove 45 minutes to the nearest Apple Store. They where nothing but curtious with us. They did a full diagnostics and found that the Hard Drive was bad and it will require a new one. They sent the computer in to be fixed and we will get it back in 5 to 7 days delivered to our house so that we didn't need to make another 1.5hr round trip to pick it up. They also told us that there was no way to do a backup anyway. I am not happy about the way we were treated by the manager at the local store and will not be shopping at there again. Oh and i almost forgot that my daughter had to make two trips to the store because they had no record of the original appointment she had made with them. Poor organization and poor customer service. I am a Client Service Representative for a graphic arts company and if I told one of my clients that I didn't have time to argue with them I would be loading my personal belongings into a box and walked to the door.

If I buy a new car and it us under warranty I take it to the dealer that sold it to me to get fixed not to Detroit and they don't tell me that the Brakes are bad and covered by the warranty but we will need to charge you to remove the tires.

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Re: Formal Complaint

Hello Kmill1237,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums, and thank you for reaching out to us about this.

AppleCare doesn’t cover a data backup service, and I apologize if your sales associate didn’t make note of that. We always offer a data backup at check-in, as we know how important person data can be, especially for a student. It sounds like the backup wouldn’t have been possible in any case, however.

I’m sorry for the poor experience you had when calling in to the store. That isn’t at all the kind of service we want to provide. I’d like to follow up on this. Please reach out to me through a private message by using the link in my signature below this post with your name, email address, phone number, and the store location you called.


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Formal Complaint