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Formal Complaint - Protection Plan

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I am very disappointed with Best Buy Customer Service. I have been trying to get in contact for the last 10 days by phone with no success. Also tried to get support form the Geek Squad team but the only thing they know to do is to try to sell me the Total Protection Plan! It has been a total disaster!

My computer - Surface Pro4 - presented a hardware problem and needed to be substituted by a new computer. Some weeks before I received an email informing that my protection plan was about to expire, so I decided to renew it for 1 additional year. 

Geek Squad gave me a brand new Surface Pro6. This part of the service was great, once my computer was covered by the Geek Squad Protect & Support Plus (Plan ID: {removed per forum guidelines}).

When I got the new computer, the agent at Columbia SC store (#1515) told me that I should get in contact with customer service in order to cancel the renewal of my Protect & Support Plan that was linked to the old computer. Only after that I could contract the new protection plan, which should be linked to the Surface Pro6 (what I am using now). According to the agent, this should be done in 15 days.

Since than I have been trying to follow agent's instructions, but there is no way I can do it! 

At Best Buy on-line store you can only buy this kind of protection plan if you also buy the product together. Geek Squad agents can only sell the Total Protection Plan - I received different information from agents about the coverage and I am really not comfortable with this plan, once I want the plan I already have paid for (Plan ID: {removed per forum guidelines}) covering my new computer. That's all!!!!

Today is the 14th day after the pick up of the new computer. Tomorrow it is supposed to be the deadline and nothing has been solved.

Where can I register a formal complaint about it? Who is the right person to help me? Why does store agents inform a way to solve things that simply does not exist?

Please HELP!!!!!!


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Re: Formal Complaint - Protection Plan

Hi, Maband1, 


We are sorry to hear that you are getting a bit of a run around. When a replacement is given on an item covered by Geek Squad Protection the protection would be fulfilled and not eligible for renewal. So, if a renewal was scheduled to take place after the replacement, it should not take place as there is no longer a plan to renew. 


If you send us a private message including your phone number, full name, and email, I would be happy to see if your plan for your old Surface Pro is active. It sounds like it isn't but I would need that information to confirm. 


To send a private message, simply select the blue box labeled Private Message next to my signature.  



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Re: Formal Complaint - Protection Plan

Dear Faith,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my post.

I will send you a private message as requested.