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Formal Complaint-Extended Protection Plan and Lack of Communication of Options


I am submitting a formal complaint on the extended protection plan, as well as needing to improve communication to the consumer on options and policies at the beginning of a transaction.


I bought a Neato Botvac D6 on May 29, 2019 and purchased the extended 2-year protection plan through Best Buy at that same time for $59.99.


About 8 weeks ago, I started having assorted issues with the Botvac but continued to fix it on my own until 2 weeks ago.  It finally wouldn't suction regularly to pick up dirt.


I don't live near a Best Buy but was going to be near one 2 1/2 hours from home due to work on Nov. 13, 2019.  I called the Protection Plan phone number the day before being near the store.  Patrick was very polite and said he can't help repair it over the phone but to take it in store.  I double checked that I wouldn't need an appointment since I knew my time would be limited and he confirmed I wouldn't.


I stopped at Best Buy in Holland, MI the following day.  They directed me to the customer service desk and Brandon told me I would need to make an appointment with the Geek Squad.  I explained to him that I was from out of the area and he made an appointment for me for 40 minutes later.  I waited in my vehicle until my appointment time, returned in store to the Geek Squad, and without opening the box to look at the product and just telling them the issues, they inform me that they can't fix these types of appliances, and they'd issue an even exchange for the same item.  I specifically ask them if the remaining balance of the 2-year protection plan will rollover to the replacement product and they said it would.  I also asked if the manufacturer warranty starts new with the replacement product and they said it would.  There were two gentlemen that helped from the Geek Squad but I didn't catch their names.


At this point, I'm getting a little frustrated since I was told that I wouldn't need to make an appointment and then wasting 45+ minutes to simply get told that they would exchange it since they don't work on those types of products which could have been done originally when I walked in.


I now go back to the customer service desk where Brandon assisted me again.  They didn't have the same style in stock so needed to order it.  When Brandon was ringing up the exchange, I commented to him about the remaining balance of the extended protection plan to see if I needed to do anything to register for it due to the replacement item. He commented that it would cost me another $120.00 and it'd be a new 2-year replacement plan.


I questioned the cost since it now doubled compared to the original $59.99 I paid and why I'd have to pay for it again.  Brandon called for the two that helped me from the Geek Squad and they commented that it must be due to a new policy change and suggested that I could check with the store manager to see if he'd assist on the cost.


I requested the manager to be called over, Dan, who was of no help.  He wasn't understanding of my concern or willing to try to help and simply stated that I didn't need to purchase the new plan.  He just kept commenting that it was a policy change and he couldn't help.  It was also commented then that I could instead go through the manufacturer warranty, but it would only cover if it was a manufacturer defect.  I stated that it would be a defect since it isn't suctioning or performing properly, and I pretty much just got a shoulder shrug. 


I feel that I paid $59.99 originally to simply do an exchange that should have been covered as a manufacturer defect and I now lost out on 18 months of extended protection plan due to getting a bad product to begin with that I started having problems with within 4-6 months of owning it.  If I would have known originally my complete options and that the exchange was going to cancel out the remaining protection plan and that using the manufacturer warranty would have been an option, I would have opted on the manufacturer warranty instead.  After spending over an hour at that point about this, I was just done with the store and this new policy and had Brandon order the new product to be delivered to my home and passed on the $120 new 2-year protection plan.  Brandon did comment to me during the whole process how appreciative he was of my patience and stated most customers would be yelling at him at this point.


All I am requesting is to have the remaining 18 months of the original 2-year protection plan rollover to my replaced appliance, which, I believe, is an acceptable request since even the Geek Squad thought it was supposed to rollover when I asked if it would.  Being asked to pay for it again and to top that, at a rate that is double the original cost of the plan makes no sense as a consumer. 

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Re: Formal Complaint-Extended Protection Plan and Lack of Communication of Options

Hiya, AS81,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for writing in to us, although we wish the circumstances were different.

Having issues with any tech is not optimal, but I can certainly understand wanting to get that item fixed, as I hate to have dirty floors myself. We're sad to hear about the state of your appliance, but we appreciate you choosing and trusting Geek Squad with this. We apologize for any confusion regarding the scheduling of your appointment. Typically, we ask that appointments are scheduled so we can ensure that we have enough time to properly look over your tech and determine the best plan of action. 

With that being said, I can certainly understand wanting to ensure that your device is protected. When you bring your device in that has the Geek Squad Protection plan in addition to the manufacturer's warranty, we do our best to ensure the best route is taken within the Terms and Conditions of the plan. Typically when an exchange is offered it is because the manufacturer's warranty would not cover the type of damage or issues that the device is having. Since the product was exchanged, it would fulfill your existing plan on that device. The replacement item can be arranged with a new Geek Squad Protection plan, which would be based on the retail price of the item, which may be why the price you are seeing now for the plan is different than at the original time of purchase. While I understand this may not have been the information you were hoping for, I hope that this sheds some light on this. If we could assist in any way, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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