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Formal Complaint / Escalation

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Let me give you a bit of a background about the appalling experience I have had with Geek Squad so far.


I brought a new laptop HP Omen from Best Buy on 28th Mar ‘21 from Best Buy at 8871 Boulevard de l'Acadie, Montréal, QC H4N 3K1. The gentleman selling me the laptop convinced me to buy a Geek Squad membership. I considered it and consented to the purchase considering the fact that I had an old Dell laptop whose keyboard was not functioning and I thought you guys could repair it.


I am writing in to complain about the charges that I have been informed of earlier today by your billing team over the phone. I spoke to Mary from the billing team earlier today and was informed that instead of being refunded for a repair that was not performed on my laptop, I will have to pay $100 to your company just to inform me that my laptop cannot be repaired!!!


On 3rd April, when picking up my new laptop from the store I dropped my old laptop (Repair request - Tag ID {removed per forum guidelines} and was informed by the Geek Squad employee, that I will be refunded the amount that I am paying for the repairs if the laptop could not be repaired. He mentioned that someone from the repair team will get in reach out to me with an update over the next few days.


I waited patiently for the next couple of days, but when I did not hear anything I called the repair helpline number 1-866-918-2216 for the first time on 6th Apr ‘21. She informed me that the laptop had just reached the Toronto repair centre and that a technician will get back to me with an estimate.


I waited patiently again for the next few days, but then again I did not hear anything by 9th Apr ‘21 (evening); I called the helpline again. To my surprise this time around I was informed that the laptop was already sent back to me and was waiting to be picked up at a nearby store! (PS - I am really surprised that even UPS didn’t call me, they just took it to the nearest drop point. But that doesn’t have anything to do with Geek Squad)


What amazes me is that how a company like Best Buy / Geek Squad be so careless and send out a laptop without even notifying the customer via a phone call or email???


Anyways the lady that I spoke to sent me the UPS and I went ahead and collected the laptop!


After going through all the rigmarole and hassles, as a customer, I am not at all happy with the way I have been treated so far. I would like to be fully refunded the $183.95 that I paid for the repairs of the old laptop. And also I do not wish to keep the Geek Squad membership. So can somebody please look into this, help me with the refund and also cancel the membership that I bought about 2 weeks ago for the new laptop.


The details for my membership are - Global Contract ID: {removed per forum guidelines}


I have already written to Geek Squad Customer Service on and Best Buy Customer Service on a few days ago and was just asked to call 1-866-813-1986.


I have called 1-866-813-1986 twice, narrated my story twice and both times they hung up on me while refusing to assist me.


As a customer I am now at my wit's end, trying to resolve this situation. 


Can somebody arrange for a call-back to address this situation, please?


You will find the entire history in the post above, please spend some time to understand the issues highlighted.

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Re: Formal Complaint / Escalation

These forums are for (usa) and are not connected to bestbuy Canada. Have you tried Thier twitter. Canada bestbuy has a twitter support that many people have had good luck with.
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Re: Formal Complaint / Escalation

Hey, manojbh,


Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a bad experience. Please know, this page supports our US customers, so I would need to point you toward our Canadian support team, at They can also be reached by calling 866-BestBuy, or by tweeting @BestBuyCanHelp. ​




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