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Filing a formal complaint

On December 27th at 7 PM, I had an appointment to have my wife's iPhone 6s battery replaced at the Best Buy at 3601 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown, New York.


I sat with a service representative named Matt who ran diagnostics on the phone.  After nearly 30 minutes of “checking” the phone, he had me sign paperwork to have the battery replaced.  He quoted me 1 hour to have the work done.  I was under the impression, that my 7pm appointment was to do the work, as the appointment my wife made through Apple was for this specific service. 


While I was disappointed it would take that long, I decided to come back in an hours’ time to pick up the phone.  When I returned, I was told by a different service representative named Ken, that the phone was not ready, and it would still be another half hour.  He explained to me that mine was not the only phone they were working on.  I then questioned, what is the point of making an appointment?  He further explained, that without an appointment, they wouldn’t have even been able to see me at all.  There was nothing I could do, so I waited another half hour.


The phone was finally ready at about 9 PM. A third representative was checking me out, and I asked him if I could speak to the manager.  When he asked why, I explained that I was dissatisfied with how long I had been made to wait.  This third representative now indicated to me that a battery replacement can take two hours.  I asked why I wasn't told that to begin with and he was not able to answer that.  I then asked if he did not want me to speak to the manager, at which he confirmed that he would get the manager for me to speak with.   The manager, who is also named Matthew, came out and explained to me that there are a lot of phones they are working on and sometimes it can take an hour to an hour and a half.   I stressed that I understood mine was not the only phone they were working on, but this should've been disclosed to me originally.  I expressed to him, that they know their work load, and they should have quoted me the proper time frame.  I also felt it was convenient that the manager was telling me a third and different time frame than the previous two representatives, (the first quoted me an hour, the third, 2 hours) and that it was convenient he was now quoting me the actual time it took them.


I asked if anything could be done for my trouble, to which he declined.   I picked up my paperwork and the battery that they had removed from the phone and was about to leave when the manager told me that I had to leave the battery.  I explained to him that this is my battery, and I will be taking it with me. He told me that it wasn't, that I had not paid for a replacement, I had paid for an exchange.  I requested him to show me on the paperwork that I had signed were it said “exchange.”  He was unable to produce this but replied that this was the way Apple does it.


I explained that if this is the way that it's done, it needs to be disclosed to me, and that this is my battery, as this was my phone, and I paid to have the battery replaced.  He said to me that he cannot let me leave with the battery.  I again offered for him again to show me where it says in the paperwork that this is an exchange, and if he cannot show this to me, and if he does not allow me to leave, I would call the police.  He told me not to “go anywhere” while went to speak to his manager.


After he came back, I was then told that he could not stop me from leaving.  However, he then threatened to report me to Apple as a thief if I did not give him the battery.  At this point I felt that I was being bullied.  I left the battery, called Apple Support and filed a complaint with them.