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Filing: Formal Complaint

Hi I am a customer extremely infuriated by the service i have received today from Best Buy managers and the policies they adhere to resulting in poor customer service.

I'm not sure where to go at this point, perhaps an online media outlet or local programming. I have spoken to more than one manager and no one is high enough to actually perform any aid to me as a customer.

Essentially, I have a google cell phone purchased in December, less than one year (still having manufacture warranty).

The 2 year geek squad protection plan was also purchased for approximately $160.

My phone is having hardware issues with the charging port. First I call Best Buy and I'm told they can't help me with a google pixel 2 xl. I was then directed and told I needed to go into a store to have it taken care of and they would give me express replacement. If they couldn't do it to call a 1-800 number.

I went into the store and Geek Squad has explaining clearly that the $160 paid for the protection plan gives me as the customer ZERO value. In order to have the phone replaced it would cost $200. That means for a replacement phone from the place I originally purchased would cost me $360.

If I contact google they replace the phone for FREE except for you have to supply the shipping container to send your broken phone then wait 5-10 business days to receive the replacement. Due to the purchase from Best Buy I can't be offered a replacement option first where I after receiving send the damaged phone back.

I had a manager named David called to help me in which I waited 15 minutes because he wanted to finish his lunch. It was very clear to me that Best Buy has no interest in providing proper customer service nor fix problems.

The protection plan gives no value for $160. So I asked for a refund and I was told it is PRORATED!!! Again Best Buy allows me to purchase a plan that does not actually offer anything and when it doesn't work they don't want to refund the full amount.

I call the 1-800-433-5778 and the manger there literally tells me he can't help me at all. Neither manager aids in any way shape or form.

Best Buy in selling the google phone takes the responsibility of being the middle man between google service and the user. In order for best buy to complete this transaction they just need to full fill the replacement and ship the damaged phone. This is almost a joke at this point but google PAYS FOR THE SHIPPING, therefore meaning Best Buy is offering to steal $360 for a free service if I so feel entitled to allow them.

This is unfair and at this point unless I have someone of high ranking contact me with real solutions and actual customer service I will be sure contact the right online presences to further smear Best Buy. Perhaps most stores need to shut down before there is a realization that what is lacking is customer service and policy that makes sense. Those who create the guidelines that the poor managers with no power have to adhere too need to consider reform and learn from all the other companies rising who understand value to the customer comes before success.

Show me value so I can let this go.
That $360 policy is theft and dishonest.

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Re: Filing: Formal Complaint

Hello markhenein,

Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thank you for getting in touch with us about this. I understand how frustrating that situation must have been.

I apologize if the coverage of your Geek Squad Protection Plan was not clearly explained to you. During the time that the Geek Squad Protection Plan runs concurrently with your phone’s manufacturer’s warranty, if the issue with your phone is covered by that other warranty we recommend going directly through the manufacturer to avoid the service fee.

The benefit of the Geek Squad Protection plan really comes in when something happens to the phone that isn’t covered by the manufacturer. For example, our plan covers things like cracked screens. It is also good for two years, while your phone’s manufacturer’s warranty is one year.

I hope that clears everything up. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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