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Feel held hostage by my protection warranty plan. DO NOT BUY!.

Bought a GE front load washer, added the 5 year extended warranty


Everything is a week or more out just to get an appointment. Then if they ever show, they will need to order parts and that could be additional weeks before someone comes back. They sub out to large companies that don't care. I have local repair companies that could have been out within days of the washer breaking.


First appointment I was given a repair window of 8-12, No one showed up. I called at 1:00 before heading to work, I was told they were running late but they would still arrive that day. Took the rest of the day off to wait. No call, and no show, 


Call the call center again, they gave me an appointment for a week out. They assure me it is a different company and they will show up. They will also somehow compensate me for my time but can’t tell me how or what that looks like. 


Week later new window 12-5. Take more time off work to be home and waiting. Get a call from the repair company at 3:00 saying they had only received the job information that morning and they cannot come out until next week. “I’m lucky they can come at all they are booked for months”


Call the call center again, told they will try to get another company earlier. This time they say a service manager is looking into it and I need to keep an eye on my emails. The support manager will send me an update only by email. So now I wait. Waiting for a random time and date to be sent to me. Where I will once again need to take time off of work to sit and hope that someone comes to fix my broken washer. 


I have previously purchased Geek squad for smaller items that you take to the store and have always had great service. Since I paid for the extended warrantee it seemed like the way to go.  Don’t get sucked in by what seems to be decent 5 year warrantee. This experience is costing me time and money. Had I not bought the plan I would have called my local company and would have had a working washer a few weeks ago.    


To be honest at this point it has or soon will cost me more time and money running to the laundromat and taking time off work, than if I just got a new machine. Funny I can get a new machine delivered in two days. So like the title says, I feel held hostage by my protection warranty plan. DO NOT BUY! It is more of a hindrance than value on the large appliances.






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Re: Feel held hostage by my protection warranty plan. DO NOT BUY!.

Hello, bcr575.

Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Community Forums.  Although, I do wish it were under different circumstances.

As someone with a large household, I understand the importance of having a functioning washer.  I will be glad to look into this for you and see what I am able to do to assist. To get started, would you mind sending me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number?  You can do so by clicking the blue button next to my signature.


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