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Fed up with the run around

I recently had to take my laptop to the local Best Buy in order to have it repaired under the geek squad warranty I purchased with the laptop. It had a broken screen and the USB ports had quit working. I told the agent that took my computer that I was in my last semester of college and that I couldn’t go without the computer for very long because of needing it to work on senior products. He assured me repeatedly that they would most likely just junk it out and I would come up there to get a gift card to replace it, and if they did repair it it should not take more than a week to week and a half. This was 2 weeks ago and they have just now ordered parts. When I asked geek squad what I could do about not having a computer while I’m waiting, and he tells me that I should just go buy another computer and return it within the 15 day return period. To which I told him that wouldn’t be an option because I have student software licenses that won’t allow me to constantly switch registration between computers, so if I came in and bought a new computer that I would be stuck with it due to everything in my major relying on these programs. I am quickly falling behind on my senior thesis project. As a landscape architecture student I have to stay up working all night on projects and currently don’t have that option. I’m a non-traditional college student attending on the GI bill after leaving active duty with a wife and kids, full time job. I say this because my time is limited so what I have I can’t spare to have wasted by Best Buy/Geek Squad teaming up to give me the run around. I understand repairs take time but I told the agent everything I’ve said on here when I dropped it off and was reassured over and over that I would not be without a computer for more than a week. Now here I am, with major projects due next week and no way to work on them. I don’t appreciate any of this. I didn’t work my butt off for 7 semesters just to have Best Buy ruin my final one with incompetence and making promises they can’t keep.
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Re: Fed up with the run around

Good afternoon, Tstrader15, 


Coming up to your final semester and not being able to complete your final assignments is certainly not the type of situation we want any customer to endure, but I'm glad to hear there has been movement with your order, in regards to your parts being ordered.  I'm personally wanting to take a closer look at the order notes and the progress that has been made so far.


The Terms and Conditions of how your repair is processed can be found by clicking the link provided.  I'm not sure why the Agent provided you with information, but I would like to apologize for this.  Please send me your full name, phone number, email address, Store Location, and the Geek Squad Service Order number.

I'm hoping to hear back from you soon, and I truly appreciate you registering with the Best Buy forums to bring this to our attention!

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