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Faulty LG Fridge and poor food spoilage claims process

1) There is a known LG fridge compressor issues: I have 2.5 year old LG Fridge, three weeks ago it stopped working due to a faulty and (discontinued) line of compressors. It took 5.5 days from the time I made the call for LG Tech. to arrive to my house, diagnose, and replace the faulty compressor with an updated one. LG said they cover the cost of the part because there is 10 year warranty on the compressor my extended warranty covers the labor. This LG faulty compressor problem is common and known issue based on a quick search of the forums, at some point if you are not part of the solution to quickly help your customers (warranty or not) with faulty fridge compressors and your are not actively pressuring LG to fix these issues then BestBuy becomes a complicit party in having sold bad refrigerators to your own customers. It is possible for LG and Bestbuy to get together and determine which fridges that were sold have faulty compressors and proactively fix these appliances.


2) Food spoilage claim process has not worked for me. I have 5 year PREMIUM BestBuy/Geek Squad warranty which covers the fridge itself and up to $200 of food spoilage. It is summer, the tech took 5.5 days to get to me, thus I lost about $250 worth of food. I submitted my food spoilage claim form via email on June 29th 2018 to I rec'd a auto email stating someone would be reviewing my claim in 3-5 business days and contacting me at that time. I have not heard anything since. I have been on the phone with BestBuy customer support 6 times in the past week and spoken to 9 different support people 3 of which were managers to try and find out what the status of my food claim is. None of the support people I reached were able: to provide a status update of my claim, or provide contact information to a person that handles these claims, or provide any additional insight to into the claims process which I am now STUCK in. Their answer was to re-submit my claim form and hope for a different outcome.


5.5 days without a fridge means I had to get rid of a lot of food from my fridge and my freezer and I also had to have a lot of meals out side my house for that week with my family. I think it is common sense that when a service case to a fridge/freezer is opened on an a valid warranty that case should not be closed until the food spoilage claim has been completed or declined by the customer. Instead of the food spoilage process being integrated into the service process you have compartmentalized the process to the detriment of the customers who monetarily support your business and which you would like to be loyal to your brand. This process hurts your reputation as a customer centric organization, it creates undo stress for the customer and BestBuy customer service reps who have to deal with angry people, and more importantly it is inefficient and wastes time which is ultimately the most precious resource anyone has including businesses.


Think about this, if a customer is willing to buy one of your largest ticket items you sell (fridges, washing machines, stoves), items which are integrated into a persons daily life they are being very trusting with your business and are more likely to smaller less expensive items you sell because of that trust. The people that buy your extended warranties have even more trust BestBuy because they are putting real money towards a promise that you will help them in the future if and when the product they bought from you is faulty. Warrantied customers are your most trusted customers, they are willing to spend hundreds above regular purchase price to have a lasting relationship with you (in my case 5 years). When you devise an antiquated inefficient claims process for the warranty experience you violate this customer trust. I am so frustrated!

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Re: Faulty LG Fridge and poor food spoilage claims process

Hello alphazulu,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. Thank you for reaching out with such a detailed and well thought out post.  


I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the way our Geek Squad Protection Plans work. Feedback like yours is very valuable to us, as we’re always looking to improve the service we provide to our customers. While I can’t promise any specific changes to how our food spoilage claims work, I assure you we take concerns like this seriously.


Now, on the more pressing matter of your spoilage reimbursement check, I hope that we’ve been able to help you out with that by now. If not, I’d be happy to take a look into this and see if I can get you an update on the status. What I’d need you to do is send me a private message, by using the link in my signature below this post, with your name, email address and phone number.


Once I have that, I’ll take a look and see what new information we can get for you.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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