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Falsely advertising the GSP plan to cover accidental damage

I Recently bought a sony alpha 6000 series camera from Bestbuy along with the Geeksquad ADH plan..

Unfortunately I dropped my camera, breaking the lens, body and denting the screen.. When i brought it in for repair they booked it in and sent it for service.. Took them 2 weeks to finish the repair.. When it came back they had replaced the lens, but did not replace the body or the screen.. When I asked why, they said "We do not cover cosmetic damage, only non-operational damage is covered under our policy"..

This said, the policy is advertized on their website and store as "It will cover Accidental Damage from drops or spills, Normal wear and Tear, One time battery replacement and Convenient Claim Support".

None of which is entierly true, what they forget to tell you and is hidden in their fine print is they DO NOT COVER COSMETIC DAMAGE.. so if you equipment fell and got a crack, but is still operational, they wont repair it, citing their insurance policy excludes them from repairing cosmetic damage.

Why dont you tell this to your customer when you are selling them your policy.. Why do you falsly advertise it as it will cover any accidental damage.. My camera screen is peeling from the corner but the screen still functions for now.. So you wont repair it and if it stops working due to damage in the future, you want me to keep buying the extended protection to cover that.. In short i just have to buy a new policy in order to cover damage that was suppose to be covered by the old policy.

Also they claim to have a Convenient Claim Support.. There is nothing comvenient about their Geeksquad support.. When you call them they will make you go in circles and keep transferring to different department until you get tired and hangup.. My camera has been in repair for 2 months, they never fixed my screen, didnt not replace my battery and lost my SD card in the process.. I have been a loyal customer of Best buy for the last 10 years and have always bought my items with geeksquad protection that has almost always had me covered.. But with new updates to their policy they are just making it more and more difficult to get good service .. Not sure if i will ever buy extended warranty from Bestbuy.. Or even buy products from them.

Thank you Best buy for your great customer service.
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Re: Falsely advertising the GSP plan to cover accidental damage



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I have recently replied to your post to us on Facebook. I'll be happy to continue that conversation with you.


Thank you for writing to us.

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