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Failed repair attempt - lack of solutions

I'm not looking for much other than an intelligent response from someone with Best Buy customer service. Here is the senario.


I bought a TV in March of 2020 with the Geek Squad Protection plan. About 3 weeks ago it got stuck in a recovery mode loop. I had forgotten about the GS Plan and called the manufacturer, they walked me through diagnostic steps and determined it was the main board; they ordered a part and scheduled service 2 weeks out. I wasn't going to wait 2 weeks for a TV repair, so I contacted Best Buy. I found that I did have the plan and was walked through diagnosis by the Geek Squad, they also determined it was the main board. I provided all the specs from my TV and they ordered a board scheduled service within 5 days. During that time I tested positive with Covid and the part was delivered to my house. I called to get an alternative to the repair person coming in my house to no avail, they rescheduled for two weeks later. I have repaired TVs before so I opened the box and my TV. The board was the main board but for the wrong model, i could tell because it was larger and missing some connections. I called to advise of this and the person stated that the repair person would have to come out to verify this (two weeks later). So when the repair person would come out and see that it is wrong they can oder another one and me be without my TV for another week...makes perfect sense. Anyway, I went online and found this awesome website called Shop Jimmy, I looked up the board for my TV and ordered it. I had it within 2 days and replaced it myself; now my TV works. I call Best Buy back, cancel the appointment and ask what they want me to do with this wrong board; the guy says to return it to the store...


Here is my question(s):

1. Can I be reimbursed for either the cost of the Geek Squad Protection or the board I bought?

2. How do I really return this board? I can only imagine that the store would look at me like I'm crazy. 

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Re: Failed repair attempt - lack of solutions

Hello, ericb208,


Thanks for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums! I'm sorry to hear that your TV was down for a bit, and further, that you got a positive COVID result! I hope you are recovering well, and I'm glad to hear that you were able to get your TV up and running again.


You should be able to return the board to any local Best Buy with no issues, though I understand wanting to make sure before making the trip! I would recommend returning the part before cancelling your GSP, just to ensure it processes correctly. To cancel your Geek Squad Protection Plan(GSP) for a pro rated refund, please call (888) BEST BUY (888) 237-8289 and they should be able to help out.


Please know going forward, that repairing the TV yourself would be considered a "non qualified repair," and thus future repairs/replacement will no longer be covered. Please feel free to read more about this in the Terms & Conditions of your specific GSP. 


Let me know if there is anything else I could help out with!



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Re: Failed repair attempt - lack of solutions

Are you stating that the TV is no longer covered under the GSP because I replaced the main board myself?

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Re: Failed repair attempt - lack of solutions



That is correct. And, to avoid being billed for the board you received and did not use, we advise returning that part before cancelling your GSP. If you cancel your plan after, you should receive a pro rated refund, but your TV can no longer be covered under that GSP due to the repair not being completed by a qualified technician.



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