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We bought the Samsung washer and gas dryer for the Black Friday sale last year. They installed it during the first week of December, and then we left for 5 weeks on a trip, so we were not able to really use them until we returned. The installation was horrible. The dryer bounces back and forth as the feet are completely not level. The dryer is not working well, which makes me question if the vents are hooked up correctly. If you put a level on the washer, it is crooked. I also had trouble with the electronics of the washer starting washes over and over again without spinning. 


I called Best Buy and spent around AN HOUR on the phone last week. He said someone was supposed to call me to fix the dryer. He could not help me with the washer as it was under recall. But, he assured me he coudl get someone out there to fix the dryer. No one called. I did contact Samsung to have the recall update issue fixed. 


I called back again last Friday. The man said nothing was in the system for a repair. After 45 minutes on the phone, he scheduled a repair for today for the dryer. No one showed up. 


I called again today. The agent was much more helpful than the previous two. She explained that a third party needed to fix the dryer vents because it is a gas dryer. She said they were contacted by the previous agent who helped me, but the third party never followed through. When we paid for the membership and decided to get the gas dryer, no one explained to us it was worthless because it's with a third party who does not honor their work. I asked if the geek squad member could just come to balance the dryer feet so that the dryer isn't banging around when we use it. She said the system wouldn't let her, and she needed to escilate it because "they cannot touch the dryer." Why wasn't this explained to us!?!? I want to exchange it for an electric dryer, but its just out of its window since we were out of town. They sold us this unit under false pretenses and misrepresented their service. The installation by Best Buy geek squad when they delivered the washer and dryer were TERRIBLE and they refuse to fix their shoddy work. They lied to our face about getting it serviced for two years by joining their membership. 


I need this issue resolved ASAP. I am extremely upset with the Best Buy services I have had. 


I tried to file a compliant with Best Buy - but I cannot find it anywhere on their site. I hope this is read by someone who can help me. 

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Hello, nsb2040.


Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our Forums Support Page. 

Here we can provide assistance with any situation or question that you may run across. Making sure that everything goes according to plan during and post installation and I understand your frustration with the situation. I would like to reach out to you and provide support for your situation and see what we can do to provide assistance. When you can would you be able to reach out to me via private message with your full name, telephone number, email and order number? There I would be able to take a deeper dive into the situation and see what is happening. Please let me know as soon as you get the chance. 


Thank you,

Riley|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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