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To whom it may concern,



I am very unsatisfied with the customer service I have received over the past month.
To get you up to speed. My ASUS - ROG GL502VM laptop needed a repair (hard drive replaced).
This repair went great. I was happy with everything until I was informed that the OE ASUS power supply
(ADP-180MB F) that was sent with the laptop was not returned. I was instructed that I should have a replacement
in about a week. A week passed no replacement showed up. I contact Bestbuy helpline (1-888-237-8289),
They told they have no idea what was taking that service order so long ({removed per forum guidelines}). They transferred me to "your" parts store
to get me a replacement OE charger quickly. I spoke with the representative. Thought I was getting the OE part. Get the confirmation email for the replacement
and find out I am not getting the OE part (ADP-180MB F) but a replacement (ADP-180HB DB).
After researching this part number I am unable to find a producer and know that
it is not an OE ASUS charger. Call customer service gets transferred to the parts store customer representative.
It is after hours. Get told to call back the next day. Call back the next day (today, 2/5/2019).
I called the number supplied by the customer representative and get told I don't know what I am talking about.
Get transferred again. Get told that the charger I am receiving is an OE charger when I know it is not. Get told that I have to purchase the correct charger.
And that I will get reimbursed. I asked how. I was told I would get an email with instructions. That email has not come yet.
I am very unsatisfied at how Best Buy/ Geek Squad has handled replacing a part that was lost by Best Buy/Geek Squad employees.
This has been a nightmare. I am unhappy, frustrated, and not likely to support or recommend Best Buy in the future because of this.
The customer service area has been a nightmare. This is unacceptable customer service. I have been lied too. Transferred around on the phone. How is Best Buy going to rectify this? I am still missing my laptop charger and have no idea if I am going to get a replacement unless I buy it myself.

Reference Numbers for conversations. (I only received 2 reference numbers even though I had about 6 conversations.)
{removed per forum guidelines}

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Hey Tyler, 


If that had happened to me, I would be pretty disappointed. I can understand if you are as well. 


I would be more than delighted to take a look into this for you. So that I can, could you private message us your phone number, full name, and email? You can initiate a private message by selecting the blue box labeled Private Message to the right of my signature. 



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