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I had brought a computer of mine into Geek Squad of St. Petersburg, FL. I only bring things in after I have exhausted everything I could possibly think of doing myself. I have an extensive knowledge of computers and what I don't know I reasearch. I do not give up easily. I was an electrician for many years and worked with a lot of homeowners. I never left unti lthey were 100% satisfied which was 100% of the time. It's what made my job enjoyable. Now, to my issue. The computer was brought in cause I could not figure out what was wrong. After a few hours of them having it. A tech by the name of Jeremy called me and told me it was the graphics card. That he ran a test and it had come back with a bad sector. I took his word for it because I am supposed to trust their word or atleast I should. So, I toss the card.No point in me keeping a bad card, right? Which was a Gigabyte RTX 3060 12gb. I then buy a new card. A Gigabyte Arorus RTX 3070 8gb. Around $630. I take my very good card out of my computer which is an Asus Phoenix RTX 3060 12gb. I ship it from New Jersey to Florida to my son. I am in NJ taking care of my unhealthy mother. So, I ship that card down after waiting about a week and half to buy the RTX 3070. They take the Asus 3060 to Best Buy and put it in the PC. Say everything is good to go. My son picks it up. Later than night he hooks it up. Turns it on. SAME PROBLEM! Nothing changed. I call them. Ask for a supervisor. I am told none are around. I speak to a gentlemen and he tells me the tech that put the rtx 3060 in that shipped only tested for the issue for quick moment. I schedule an in-house appointment so a Tech can see it first hand in front of my son. I call back again about me buying a whole new graphics card that I truly never needed. Jeremy is who I speak with about this. He hands the phone over to Jose and says here you know better cause I never touched this computer. Yet he told me on the phone he found a bad sector and the graphics card is toast. So, Jose begins to tell me that I did the right thing by buying a new card cause the bad was gonna go anyway. Now mind you I never got a report of a bad sector and neither did my son. WE TOOK THIER WORD FOR IT and now I wasted money that I couldn't even afford to spend. Now the new RTX 3070 is in my computer and my computer keeps crashing on me with the BSOD. Blue Screen Of Death. So now I have another issue. Do you realize how inconvenient it is to unhook a computer and put it in a car and travel  40mins each way to my local Best Buy? Very Inconvenient! I should be reimbursed for the original graphics card that I was told was bad that got thrown out because I was told it was toast and was causing the issues. I can not even return the new card and get my old card back because then my son's computer will not have a graphics card. I also had to pay to ship that card to him. My son has an appointment on November 11th with the tech coming to the house. I can't wait to find out what they say. I am hoping this one knows what he/she is doing or at least does their best to figure it out.

I am calling the Best Buy again after I send this and hope to get a supervisor. I am sure he/she is going to do their best to talk me up just Jose did. I am not writing this so they lose their jobs or anything. But I know when I am being given excuses for mistakes! I was young once too and made mistakes I had try and clear up with excuses and that is what I was given by the techs because they knew they screwed up and was hoping that it was the graphics card. 

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Hello, regnum1328, 


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We appreciate you sharing this experience with us. Having to replace parts of a computer can be a bit un-nerving, especially when you are not sure of what actually needs to be replaced. I can understand why this would be frustrating and the reason you are looking for support with this. So that I can look into this for you, please use the blue button to the right of my signature to send me a Private Message. In your message, please include your full name, email address, phone number, and service order number if you have it. 


I would be happy to reach out to the store to see what is possible. 


Please note that I will be out of the office until Tuesday, upon my return, I will dig into your case. 






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Graphics cards don't have bad sectors. Hard drives do...
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