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I am submitting a formal complaint on the extended protection plan, as well as needing to improve communication to the consumer.  My 55in TCL TV stopped working.   I turned it on and the screen shows that the Pixels in it had shattered, sending streaks throughout the screen.  I have always had Extended Protection plans with all my electronic devices.   Unfortunatley I had to call on this for the fact I did not do ANYTHING to this TV.  The screen itself was not cracked it just had an internal pixel explosion.  It took two days for a Tech to arrive, Deiondre G was very, very respectful and nice.  He took a look at the TV and decided he needed to contact his  Leader, Michael G on the phone.  He took a picture of screen and sent it to him. Deiondre told him that the screen was NOT cracked and that the pixels went like spider webs across the screen.  He also told him that I did nothing to cause this.  I just turned TV on heard a noise and the screen was messed up and the TV did not work.  Deiondre tried to explain that I did nothing, but he was told to tell me that this would not be covered but I could get a Pro-Rata on the remaining protection plan.  Needless to say, this was not what I wanted to hear because I DID NOT DO ANYTHING WITH THIS TV!!  There was a flaw from within the set!!!  I could tell that Deiondre was made to be the one to tell me that this was not covered, and he was sorry.   The actual person who made this decision was someone who wasn't even here!!!  Which was way unprofessional.  I spent over $600 for this TV and in return I get NOTHING!!!  Not acceptable.   I can understand if I did something wrong, but I DID NOT!!! This was not my fault, so why would this not be covered under the Protection Plan I had!!!!!  I could tell that Deiondre's hands were tied, which if he was a Tech in charge he should have the option to handle the service and not someone who was not here!!!!  Deiondre then left and I called Protection Plan, who are out of the country, hmmmm and canceled my service plan.   I received an email with from GeekSquad confirming the service information and the Problem Description: The Client states that there is no sound or picture, does power on 
BUT the Repair Description was totally incorrect!!!! It stated this:  Viewed photo. Crack screen not covered.   Excuse me.... this was TOTALLY not the case!!!   Who "viewed photo"????  There was NO CRACK!!!!!  I am not happy with this and I would like a replacement of my TV or full credit for my purchase.  I have spend thousands of dollars with BEST BUY as well as my family members, but to be treated like this, is just NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!   The service order # is {removed per forum guidelines}.   It was stated during the inspection that the SCREEN WAS NOT CRACKED!  So why did they lie on the repair description, cracked screen not covered!  I did not call about the screen, it was the PIXELS!!!   I do hope someone from BEST BUY takes a look at this and do what is right!!!  Replace my TV or refund the full cost so that I can purchase another one!!!
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Unfortuantely, what you have described is a cracked screen.  This almost always appears to be "internal" because there is a layer on the top that helps with off-angle viewing and helps boost the contrast.  The pixels themselves are arranged in a grid pattern, so a perfectly horizontal or vertical row of pixels out could indicate a panel problem.  If they go in any other direction, this is almost unquestionably a cracked LCD panel.  As our Geek Squad Protection does not cover this sort of damage, offering you a pro-rated refund on the unused portion of the plan is the only course of action.  

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I've never seen a LED screen spider crack without some sort of trauma, the panels are literally paper thin.

The old plasma screens would do that, pretty sure no one sells those anymore.
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Hello, MaryBeth123,


Welcome to our online community! We appreciate you reaching out to share your experience, although I am sorry to learn of the condition of your television. Having the Geek Squad Protection (GSP), can provide peace of mind when certain issues arise, and we are happy to provide service within the Terms that were agreed to at the time of purchase. 


I’m glad to hear the Geek Squad Agent that visited your home conducted themselves in a professional manner, which is certainly the expectation of all our team members. I do realize the outcome was not what you were hoping for. Please know, if it was determined there may have been physical damage to the screen, which is not to say was caused by you, that would not be something covered by GSP. As mentioned by jdogg836, even if the exterior does not have any physical damage, it is still quite possible the LCD panel may have a crack, resulting in what you are seeing on the screen. Our Geek Squad Agents are in the best position to determine the reason the device is not working as intended. 


As it stands, we’d certainly be happy to review your recent work order, and document your feedback at our Corporate Office. For us to access your service history, we’d need to obtain some information from you. When convenient, please send our team a private message. You can do so by selecting the darker blue button across from my name below. Be sure to include your full name, email address, and telephone number. Although your work order number was removed for security purposes, I’ve made note of it within our system, so that will be visible to the moderators.



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