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Extended warranty lies

My name is Kevin and I've gone thru all the Best Buy channels with no luck. I've contacted 888bestbuy, emailed customer care, went into store, and called store manager that was borderline rude and smug!

I purchased a Samsung Sound bar in 2014. I also purchased a warranty. Approximately each year after buying this unit I have had to take it in for servicing for the LCD screen going out. I had chalked this up to Samsung manufacturing but was happy that the warranty I purchased from bestbuy got it fixed with no charge or hazel until recently.


First, I would like to say that the customer service I received at the White Marsh store in Maryland was utterly disappointing. The lack of people available to help, then when you do find someone to help they are more concerned with joking around with co-workers then making you feel as tho you’re the most important matter at the time by focusing on the reason while you’re there, (didn’t know that was customer service)


After being called to the service counter with a way of the hand like I’m animal, then not even greeted once at the desk with enthusiasm like I was really bothering him. I then was told that there was no record of me bringing my unit in every year. I then was given the run around of how they didn’t have a cord to test my unit when I never had a problem with bestbuy having power sources to test my unit on previous occasions. I surrendered my unit on Dec 11th. After 2 weeks of not hearing anything (approx 3 days before Christmas) I called to check status and was told that the item had shipped to repair despite what was listed via my efforts of tracking was thru the link on my emailed ticket. Surprisingly during the next 2 days I received an email that said it was being shipped. A week afterward, I received an email that my unit was going to be replaced not repaired. I called to make sure of this, the geek squad representative assured me that they will replace when I arrive at the store.


When I arrived I was told I would receive $120 for a depreciated unit and I will have to put the rest to purchase. I was told that because I had the warranty if they couldn’t fix it I would get a replacement or a comparable model, not have to put up more money for a replacement. I paid for a warranty that would replace my item and I didn’t get that.  I asked for a manager, a bestbuy representative sad he was the manager but was obviously a smug team lead that didn’t ry to help the situation. Asked for Store manager was told they were unavailable. Asked for district manager, was given bestbuy customer service number. They still have my broken unit and still no resolve. I’m wishing I didn’t purchase that $1000 tv last week… If you’re reading this I hope you think twice about purchasing anything from bestbuy. Don’t get taking like me. I will never shop there again. I will pay more money then give it to a business that doesn’t stand behind what they push.

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Re: Extended warranty lies

I took a chance and went into the store to speak to a store manager today... Happy I did that (Well sort of) the Asisstant Store manager did assist me with answering my question about the warranty. However she did restate what the rep told me in the begining. Theextended warranty will help getting your item fixed or replaced if it can't be fixed. What bestbuy should tell their associates when asked about the warranty to say: " It will cover the item if it needs to be repaired or replaces the item within  comparable specs after an analyis for depreciation.


None-the-less, This is to meant to be a shout out for a job well done by the back office lead "David" that took the time to print out policy where I could read it,and being very professional explained the policy and assisted me with getting my replacement item. David should be commended on his professionalism and knowledge. Don't know if I will ever shop here again but if I do it is because I still have hope for "Customer Service" thanks to David.  

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Re: Extended warranty lies

Hello KRUFF,


I apologize for the delay in our response, as we have seen an increase in traffic during this busy holiday season. Welcome to the forums, and I’m happy to address your concerns moving forward.


I am sorry to learn about your original experience at our store in White Marsh in Maryland. Correct information or not, you should always feel as a priority when visiting our stores. I am very thankful to know David was able to take care of you when you went back to the store.


It is really nice of you to take the time to share your great experience with David at our store in Nottingham, MD! I really appreciate you taking the time to write us. I’d love to get this documented and shared with the store’s management and also at a corporate level for internal review. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Kind regards,

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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