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Enough is Enough

I usually don’t post messages in this manner, but I have had ENOUGH. I am an "elite" member of best buy. I purchased a Samsung washer model WV60M9900AV/AV. This is the "top of the line" top/bottom washer. This was the worst mistake of my life. I purchased this product in September of 2018 and since then I have had to call for service on this product over 5/6 times. It keeps breaking down and even today it has broken down again. Geek Squad has failed as well, they keep sending people out. The time frame leaves me without a washer for weeks. Washing clothes by hand and drying them in my affluent neighborhood like I live in the projects, and I’m black so I have the right to say that so don’t be offended, it’s my experience. We have been told, don’t use much detergent, tried it same result, stop using much fabric softener, tried it same issue. Clean out your washer every 30 days, well now we do it every 2 weeks to avoid a calling in another breakdown. Here is a thought, Samsung has directives to no overfill with a max display, if that wasn’t true, why put that. So now we have to put a drop for cleaner for it to work? Our clothes smell the same after we wash them. It’s to the point now we don’t even use fabric softener and a drop of detergent. Parts have been replaced and still same result. I WAS SOLD A LEMON! The geek squad protection plan is worthless as well and some of the agents along the way has had the nerve to have an attitude along the way. I’m done, all gloves are off. If you refuse to be honorable and fix this problem. Come and get this LEMON. I’ve been calling now for this new problem and I’m getting real "elite" service, hold music. Enough is enough. I want this product gone; you have changed parts. It’s time. Expect this message to go up everywhere I can possibly think of. This is my act of amicable resolution. I will not stop until this is resolved my way. I’ve given you opportunities and you have failed miserably and if you choose to contact me please do it with humility because my EQ filter is off.

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Re: Enough is Enough

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Good morning, adfw11,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums. I know how big of an impact it is for any major appliance to stop working, especially a washing machine. I would be happy to see what options we may have to assist you.


I'd like to begin by reviewing your repair history. I will need some more information to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:

Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

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